Opie from Sons of anarchy

10 Characters You Loved So Much It Made You Cry Your Eyes Out When They Died

TV and movie character deaths can evoke genuine emotional reactions from audiences, often leading to tears and a profound sense of loss. These character deaths remind us of the power of storytelling to create connections with fictional figures, and they demonstrate the ability of visual media to elicit genuine, empathetic responses from viewers.


Lord of the rings book
Lord of the rings book Photo Credit: Depositphotos AstFreelancer

One commenter said, “It’s Boromir for me. He is such a tragic figure, and I dread the ending every time I watch Fellowship Of The Ring.”.


Hodor in red triangle
Hodor in red triangle Photo Credit: Depositphotos vampy1

A second commenter added, “Hodor. So many people died in GOT, but that one got me, mostly because of how his mind got scrambled and how he was such a good soul. Once I saw the backstory, my heart just melted. Still chills me.”


Opie from Sons of anarchy
Opie from Sons of anarchy Photo Credit: Depositphotos mwissmann

A third commenter posted, “Opie from Sons of Anarchy. He was the last character that deserved to die on that show.”


inside out characters
inside out characters Photo Credit: Depositphotos felker

This user shared, “Bingbong from Inside Out. Yep, that one hit me straight in the feels. What made it worse is they showed that Lava short before the movie, which also made me cry. So when Bingbong died, it was like a sadness overload reminding me of that damn volcano again.


White owl flying
White owl flying Photo Credit: Depositphotos OndrejProsicky

A poster divulged, “Hedwig from Harry Potter…I wasn’t expecting that one. I was prepared for wizard deaths, but that one hit hard, like when you lose your childhood pets. That’s probably what brought the tears on.”

Natasha & Tony

iron man
iron man Photo Credit: Depositphotos redthirteen1

Someone added, “Endgame: Both Natasha and Tony had me bawling. Even thinking about it now is enough to get me a bit teary-eyed.”

Sirius Black

Sirius black actor
Sirius black actor Photo Credit: Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

One person shared, “Almost threw my hardback copy of Order Of The Phoenix when Sirius died. I was a MESS. Cried for like 15 minutes straight.”


Michael Rooker
Michael Rooker Photo Credit: Depositphotos s_bukley

A top-liked comment said, “Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. When he told Peter, “He may have been your father, boy, but he wasn’t your daddy.” Really showed me how special their relationship was.” 

Old Dan/Little Ann

Teasing: woman and man sitting on a bed away from each other woman crying and man looking upset.
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This person stated, “Where the Red Fern Grows. I was reading it for a book club in school and got to the part (SPOILER) where the dogs died. I cried. The most embarrassing part was that I was reading it IN CLASS. Never cried and tried to stop crying so hard in my life.”

Adriana La Cerva

Adriana La Cerva
Adriana La Cerva Photo Credit: Depositphotos s_bukley

A user mentioned, “The only tv death that really hit me was Adriana from the Sopranos. Her death was haunting to me for some reason.

James T. Kirk

Star treck poster
Star treck poster Photo Credit: Depositphotos mobilinchen

This commenter posted, “In star trek generations when Kirk bit the dust. That was the first time I felt emotional about a character dying in a movie. R.I.P. James T. Kirk.”

George Denbrough

woman crying
Image Credit: Depositphotos AntonLozovoy.

One poster lamented, “Georgie from IT, he was an innocent child playing with a boat and had the worst of luck coming across an alien clown and being eaten alive.”


Tom Holland
Tom Holland Photo Credit: Depositphotos imagepressagency

Someone shared, “Although he didn’t technically die and only got “blipped,” Spider-Man in Infinity War. It didn’t help me that he was basically begging Tony Stark not to let him go.”

Han Solo

Hans Solo
Hans Solo Photo Credit: Depositphotos PopularImages

A top-liked comment said, “When Kylo/Ben shot Han Solo, I gasped and started sobbing. I could hear other people around me having a similar reaction.”


Horse rider in field
Horse rider in field Photo Credit: Depositphotos vikarus

Finally, someone added, “Artax, the horse in The Neverending Story. Surrendering his life to the swamp of sadness.”

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