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10 Mind-Boggling Family Secrets That’ll Leave You Flabbergasted

In every family, some stories and traditions make up its history. Sometimes, a surprising secret comes to light, leaving you shocked and amazed – like a “WTF” moment that changes how you see your family’s past. These hidden revelations can be funny or confusing, showing you a side of your family you never knew existed. Come with us on a journey to uncover these astonishing family secrets that have made us say, “WTF!” Get ready to be surprised, entertained, and maybe a little confused as we explore the fascinating stories that make our families special and one-of-a-kind.


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To start, a user said, “My great-grandmother set her husband on fire who was the chief of police. Apparently, he was a awfult to her.“

Scientific Background

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A comment was, “20 years after his passing, we found out my grandfather had been quite a senior scientist on the ‘Tube Alloys’ project to develop a British nuclear bomb. No one in the family even knew he had any scientific qualifications. He owned and operated several successful butcher shops until his retirement. We found out when nan passed 20 years later, and we found his papers.”

Code Reader

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An interesting story was, “We discovered, shortly before her death, that my Nana worked with Alan Turing on the “Enigma” code-breaking during the war. She didn’t have a particularly influential role in the actual code-breaking itself. She mainly worked on intercepting the Enigma codes and passing them on to Turing and his team. But yeah, she knew him and worked directly alongside him on a daily basis.”

Sperm Donor 

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One user replied, “I joined ancestry.com years back and discovered my dad wasn’t really my biological dad. It turns out my dad was infertile, so my parents went to a clinic and used a sperm donor. They never told me.”


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A reply was, “I found out at 48 I had a twin sister. Her daughter found me on social media. I had no idea she existed. I think. In the mid-60s, my parents weren’t married. They kept me and gave her away, then got married. I suspect my dad chose me because I was a boy. He died before I found out, and it upsets my mum.”

Another reply was, “A great uncle was a police officer in Cardiff. He was married to one of a pair of identical twins. After a decade of marriage, he ran off with the other twin.”

Second Family

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One response was, “My grandad’s brother had another family that nobody knew about until the funeral when they all turned up as well.”

A second response was, “My auntie found out my uncle had a secret 2nd family down south where he “went away for work” a lot. Complete with grown adult kids. After the initial shock of it all, she actually rolled with it, and now they’re just one big happy double family.”


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A user commented, “My great uncle (my nan’s brother) was a getaway driver for a couple of bank jobs back in the 50s. Got caught and did time, but after release still drove around in a Jag, and bought my nan a nice new car every couple of years…”

A second user added, “My great grandma’s older brother was executed at Wandsworth for beating a man to death during a botched robbery. He and his accomplices were the last executions the press were allowed to attend in 1934. We didn’t know until last year.”

Hard Time

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One person shared, “I was always told my grandfather was helping the sheriff of Nottingham when I was little and would visit him. Turns out he was serving life for taking a shotgun to his pregnant housekeeper, his kid, of course.”

A second person said, “We had always known that my dad’s mum stuck him in an orphanage and disappeared. A few years ago, we found out why: She was imprisoned for bigamy, she was married to three different people.”

Pirate Life

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A comment was, “A distant relative of mine was a pirate and was hanged for smuggling in the Caribbean.”


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An interesting answer was, “My great aunt, who lives in a tiny rural town, had her little toes surgically removed to fit into a pair of shoes..?! I still have so many questions that haven’t been answered.”

Hidden Crime

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A user replied, “My uncle hid a body his friend ran over ….”

Another user commented, “My family was apparently part of the Mafia, and my great uncle was a hitman. There are news articles with his name and picture. However, it was all hidden from my grandmother.” 

Hidden Details

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A person commented, “At my gran’s funeral, we found out that in the 50s in Ireland, she had a baby out of wedlock. Because of this, she grabbed her sister’s passport and ran away to Scotland to escape being put into a Magdalene Institution. The name we always knew her as wasn’t her own name at all but her sister’s.”

A second person added, “My great grandma, who is long dead, got my nan birth certificate redone/ falsified three times for undisclosed reasons. No one knows why, what my nan’s original name was (if any), and when my nan was born now.”

Family Heirloom 

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An interesting story was, “My mom has a big old grandfather clock in her living room with weird white bits embedded in it. She didn’t tell me for years that one of my relatives unlived themselves with a 12b shotgun and that it was bits of said relative’s skull in the clock.”


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One user replied, “Always thought we were descended from Vikings, the family name is the same as a Viking settlement/village near us, turns out grandad, who looked Italian-black hair and olive skin, was abandoned at the settlement as a newborn by Irish travelers who were passing and was named after the village. I found this out in my fifties, which was a surprise.”

Secret Name

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A comment was, “When I was born, my parents decided I was going to be called John. At least, that’s what my mother thought. Come the day of the baptism, the minister asks my dad what my name is, and he replies, ‘Archie.’ It caused much confusion and arguing, but since he’d already registered me to make it official, I’m Archie to this day. When I was a teenager, I only found this out and asked where my middle name came from.”

Another comment was, “My parents decided on a name for me, but when my father went to register my birth, he registered me with a different name. My mother was furious and said she didn’t speak to him for a week. My hospital baby bracelets say Julia on them. My name’s not Julia. He did give me her first name as a middle name to pacify her, but it didn’t work.”

Unknown Death

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One user commented, “We had an older cousin who died in the 80s, was always told it was cancer but never specified what type. As an adult, I found out he was gay and died of Aids. They kept it secret because of the stigma at the time, and that part of the family had strict church ties.”

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