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10 Phrases Men Are Sick of Women Saying

There are things we hear people say that drive people crazy. What is it that men are tired of hearing us women say? Let’s find out.

I was browsing a popular internet forum when I encountered a fascinating question. What’s a phrase men hate hearing from women? Here are the top-voted responses men gave for their answers.

1. Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want

One user confessed, “This phrasing always makes me so anxious. I can’t always do the same thing, and sometimes I was to go out and enjoy my friends by myself.”

” I don’t understand why it always needs to turn into an argument. My girlfriend uses this phrase to guilt me into staying home with her. It was the worst.”

2. I’m Fine

I’m Fine is my least favorite English phrase,” confessed one. “Since English is my second language, I expected that when a girl used the word fine, she meant everything was alright. 

However, it wasn’t until I went to an American University that my friends explained the difference. I understood why my American girlfriends always broke up with me.”

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3. K

“A response like this reads as passive-aggressive. I used to write “K” to reply quickly, but then I had a toxic girlfriend who typed it every time she didn’t get what she wanted,” admitted another.

“At first, I wasn’t aware of how she meant it, but then she started giving me an attitude every time I didn’t acknowledge something was wrong. One letter shouldn’t be all the indication you give someone that something is wrong.”

4. I Guess

“I expect a simple answer when I ask a yes or no question,” one explained. “For example, when I ask my friends where they want to eat, they always answer yes or no to my inquiry.

However, when I ask my girlfriend, she won’t tell me if she doesn’t want to go somewhere. When we first started dating, she said “I guess” in response to most places. Still, I didn’t realize that meant it wasn’t what she wanted until almost eight months into our relationship.”

5. Don’t Worry About It

Someone volunteered, “I always worry when someone says, ‘don’t worry about it.’ I have high anxiety, so whenever someone says this, I am left over-analyzing for days, if not weeks, after the fact.”

6. Are You Even Listening To Me?

“When someone says this to me, every bone in my body tells me to say no, even if I have been fully listening,” admitted one.

“My girlfriend says this whenever I’m working virtually or playing video games to wind down, even though I have always been an active listener.”

7. We Need To Talk

“The four words no guy wants to hear,” confessed one. “There are so many different ways the conversation can go; none are good.

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You never know whether you’re getting dumped, you’ve been cheated on, you got caught in a lie, or she suspects something. I have never gotten anything positive from those conversations.”

8. You Couldn’t Handle Me

“This is just a way for women to write off guys without giving them a chance. I have flirted with several women who told me this because they didn’t want to go on a date,” shared one.

“If I’m asking you out, chances are I don’t want to handle you; I want to take you out and show you a good time. At least give me a shot.”

9. How Are You Still Single?

“How are you still single? It always makes me so sad to hear. I try my best to be the kind of guy a woman would be happy to love. I pride myself on my feminist ideals and respecting women,” confessed one.

“I haven’t had the best luck, and that’s not to say I haven’t tried. Many women I’ve met say this to me and then don’t contact me again. I don’t know why I’m single, but I know you won’t tell me a week from now.”

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10. Be A Man

“I hate when women say this to me. So many women cry about wanting an emotionally available man but then complain and say things like this when they open up. Somehow, my vulnerability invalidates my classification as a man,” a final user commented.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion about which phrases mean are sick and tired come out of women’s mouths.

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