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Dating Disaster Zones: 10 Spots Women Dread for Romantic Rendezvous

In the world of contemporary dating, specific venues frequently trigger an inherent reluctance among women. This list of 10 locations has come to represent places that women tend to avoid when considering potential settings for a romantic outing. From serene contemplation to bustling crowds, these spots often resonate with a sense of unease for many, offering insights into diverse dating preferences and providing a roadmap for negotiating shared experiences.

Their House

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Many people in the thread agreed that they would never go to the home of the person they are going out with initially. One added, “For the first few dates, I definitely wouldn’t go over to their place or invite them over to mine.”


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According to women, the number of guys asking to hike for one of the first few dates is unreal. One noted, “No, I’m not going into the woods alone with you.” Many agree that because men don’t have to think about safety, they don’t realize what they’re asking. 

One elaborated, “My now-fiance and I met on a dating site. We had been chatting for a little over a week before we made plans to meet in person. His suggestion was a walking trail, in the woods, by a lake, at night.

No Place Without An Escape Route

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“Any place where I can’t leave if things go South,” one explained. “Includes his place, hiking in a secluded area, big park at night.

My preferred first date is a coffee at 10 am on a Sunday. Then, if we feel comfortable, we can have lunch afterward. After that, we can finish the coffee and call it a day if things don’t work.”

Anyplace Expensive

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Many women announced they would never go on an expensive first few dates. For example, one suggested, “I won’t go anywhere expensive. Amusement parks, aquariums, museums, and any place where someone pays more than $20.00 is out of the question for me.”


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For first dates, several women confessed to not understanding why you would go to the movies! You stare at a screen without speaking and getting to know each other. 

However, one argued, “If it’s something you’re both passionate about, I’ve never seen it being bad. I saw The Dark Knight with my partner on a first date. We’re both hella nerdy. 


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“Funerals,” shared one. “My uncle took my aunt to one on their first date, and it worked out for them, but I refused.” Several people suggested, “Sounds like something out of the Addams Family!”

Favorite Spots

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“None of my favorite spots, in case it goes badly. I used to have a designated place just for dates, which was good,” one confessed. Another admitted to making that mistake and needing to find a new bar to hang out at afterward.

The Gym

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One woman shared, “The GYM! Why on earth would I want to go work out and get sweaty and gross as a date?” Others in the thread agreed that the gym didn’t sound like a fun first, second, third, or ever date.


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One woman shared that one time around Halloween, a guy invited her to visit a supposedly haunted cemetery at night. “I was like, seriously?”

Another replied, “I have been in a graveyard at night, but that was with a decent-sized group of friends, not one dude potentially looking for an easy dump site.”

Church or Any Religious Gathering

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Finally, many women in the thread agreed they would not attend church or religious services. One elaborated, “I won’t go to your place of worship, your therapist, or an MLM or motivational speaker seminar. I won’t talk to your pastor, life coach, or cult leader.” Source: Reddit

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