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12 Simple But Meaningful Signs Your Relationship Is Thriving

Are you exhausted from constantly hearing about red flags in relationships? Are you interested in learning about the positive aspects of strong and healthy relationships? Instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s shift our attention to green flags – indicators of a thriving relationship such as open communication, respect, trust, and support.

Sense of Humor

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One Redditor wrote, “This is easily one of the biggest indicators that your relationship is doing just fine. The day one of you stops laughing at the other playfully, something is wrong and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, or it will be over.”

Engaged in Interests

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One happy user replied, “When they actively engage in your interests with you without being prompted. A few days ago, my boyfriend excitedly sent me a text, he got his protein shakes delivered, and he was like, “Look! You can use the box it came in as a train for your rats!!” Most people are disgusted by the fact I have rats as pets when I first mention it to them. He actually thinks they’re cute and brought it up to me out of the blue. Made me tear up a little bit NGL.”

Simple Politeness

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A user wrote, “Underrated is simple politeness. Please and thank you for even mundane tasks like passing the salt and pepper. And it shows their awareness of you going out of your way to help around your domicile. “Hey, thanks for taking out the trash.”

A second user replied, “Agree! When I first got married, my husband would say Thank You for the smallest, mundane things that I normally do! I was blown away by this, but now we both do it all the time.”

Discuss and Express Emotions

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One reader commented, “You can discuss and express emotions together, you can have difficult conversations about the relationship together, not afraid of apologizing, validate your emotions, respect your boundaries, and share the same values. There’s always more, but those are usually the ones I look for.”

Another reader added, “Yes, I think one of the most challenging emotions to discuss and express is “embarrassment!” Trying to admit when you feel embarrassed instead of letting it turn to anger is so so difficult. If someone can do that, I think that’s a very green flag.”

Truth Teller

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A popular comment was, “Someone that tells the truth even when it’s a hard truth.”

One smart commenter said, “I’d rather someone tell me a hard truth than whisper a soft lie.”

Listen & Remember

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A reader commented, “They listen and remember. Like, hey, remember that time when XYZ? Them: yeah, that was a shitshow/hilarious/whatever. This means they pay attention to and value you.”

A second reader added, “Ya, I just served my ex at the bar I worked at, and she was surprised that I remembered she didn’t eat gluten or dairy. That kind of offended me because clearly, that means she was never giving any value to the amount of affection I was actually giving her. I cooked quite a few top-tier meals for her during that time.”

Gentle Hug

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One simple comment was, “A gentle hug, that’s a HUGE green flag for me.”

Disagreement is Okay

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A user wrote, “When I realized it was OK for me to disagree with him and he didn’t belittle me….that was huge.”

A second user added, “You can absolutely disagree and have a healthy debate about something with someone .. belittling them because their opinion is diff from yours is bad behavior.”

Open Communication

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One poster simply said, “Open and honest communication.”

Another poster wrote, “I’d rather be cheated on and be told asap than have them keep it from me even if I’d be happier without knowing. Open and honest communication is a critical part of the trust in a relationship.”

Text First

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A user replied, “They text first.”

A second user added, “Yeah, I actually do consider it a green flag. I usually notice if I’m the one to initiate a conversation and how the other person responds to me or if they keep me hanging.”

Make You Feel Welcome

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One user commented, “Does little things to show they’re thinking of you. When I started seeing my GF more often, small things I liked (mouthwash, for example) would start appearing around her place to make it more comfortable for me. If I used something at home, she’d end up getting it for her place, too. Small efforts to make you feel more comfortable or welcome.”


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Source: Reddit

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