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12 Unquestionable Signs That Someone Definitely Has a Crush On You

We often believe that we can maintain a cool demeanor when we have a crush on someone. However, the truth is quite different. There are numerous telltale signs that reveal our feelings, many of which are completely beyond our control.


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One person suggested that if you are noticing someone around you a lot it’s because they have a crush on you. Explaining further, they said: “They’ll find any excuse to be around you, making their presence known at every opportunity.”


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One user said that laughter is one of the biggest signs that someone fancies you. They said: “I’ve noticed that my jokes get exponentially funnier when someone has a crush on me.”

Music choices

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One person said that when they have a crush on someone, their music interests are influenced. They said: “If I like someone I actually start listening to the music they recommend.”

Doing Strange Things

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Another person said that if someone is going out of their way to do things they wouldn’t normally do, then that’s a giveaway that they like you. They said: “If they do something with you they don’t usually do. Like going on smoke breaks when they don’t smoke.”

Getting Lost In The Moment


One person got quite deep and spoke about the sense of infatuation you can get when you start crushing on someone. They said: “Staring at them when they not looking, wanting to listen to them talk forever, being interested in things they like…”


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One person suggested that even minor things like adding extra letters to text messages is a sign. Talking about the word ‘Hey’ they said: “One y is professional, two is casual, three is ‘kiss me now please’”

Remembering Things

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Sometimes you can have a conversation with someone and forget everything you spoke about an hour later, not when you’re talking to your crush though. One user said: “Remembering details about your likes and dislikes is a huge sign that someone likes you.”

Random Messages

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One woman said that they send random text messages to people they like. Explaining further, they said: “I send random text messages that seem like a stretch to relate to them just as an excuse to talk to them.”

The Type of Questions You Ask Them

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Another said that they tend to ask their crush different types of questions to everyone else. They said: “I can tell I like someone when questions start getting more and more personal.”

Body Movements

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One woman said that consistently starts engaging in certain movements when she’s talking to a crush. Explaining what she does, she says: “As a woman, I notice I tend to play with my hair and jewelry.”


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While touching can be a bold move, if (as a man) you find that a woman is finding excuses to touch you in a playful way then they more than likely have a crush on you. One woman said: “If a woman touches you for little apparent reason, it’s usually a sign.”

Eye Contact

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One popular response within the thread was all to do with eye contact. One user said: “If you notice prolonged eye contact it’s because that person literally can’t take their eyes off you.” Source: Reddit

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