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15 Couples That Were “Perfect On Paper” But Didn’t Last, And Here’s Why

“Paper perfect” couples, despite appearing flawless on the surface, often reveal that external appearances can be deceiving. These couples may have seemed ideal, with their picture-perfect smiles, harmonious demeanor, and apparent compatibility, but beneath the facade lay complexities and challenges. Sometimes, the pressure to maintain the ideal image or the weight of expectations can strain the relationship’s authenticity, leading to the inevitable unraveling of their bond. 

The Extra Spark Was Missing

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To start, a user shared, “That extra spark just wasn’t there. Is that a chemistry thing, timing, or our ages? Who knows. Probably a combination of all of the above. Sometimes you’re just meant to be friends. Sometimes, the timing isn’t right, and you catch one another at the wrong time.”

Grew Up & Grew Apart

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A second user added, “We grew up and grew apart. She got married to someone else. But damn, if he isn’t awesome, I love that guy. Glad they’re together.”

Changed His Mind

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This user commented, “He told me he wanted kids, and after we married, he changed his mind. Also was a momma’s boy. After 8 years, I divorced him. Suddenly he wants a kid. Nope.”

Paper Was Forgery

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A highly-liked comment was, “Turned out his paper was a forgery. Wish I hadn’t kept giving him the benefit of the doubt when he showed his true colors.”


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One person wrote, “Timing. Both of us were in bad situations. Definitely a lack of maturity on my part. Still love the heck out of her.”

Mistook Drama For Passion

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A top-liked comment said, “When I met “Ms. Perfect on Paper.” She was smart, had just started a great career, was really athletic, really pretty, and was just way, way too nice to me. I felt the passion wasn’t there because I mistook drama for passion. I broke up with her after about 18 months.”

Something Was Missing

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One user commented, “Lovely guy, chose him because I knew he was so good and caring, but… something was missing. It was a sad breakup.”

Naive Infatuation

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This person commented, “The spark, in the beginning, was just a naive infatuation, and then I changed. He wanted me to stay the same. I was only 19 when we met, so I was bound to grow. Eventually, I was no longer challenged by him, excited by what he had to say, or attracted to his personality. It all slowly burned away after a few years.”

Drifted Apart

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A popular comment was, “We had three really great dates, strong connection, physical attraction, but we had both just gotten out of serious relationships and had some growing and healing to do. We didn’t break up, but we just kind of stopped dating. He left town for a while, we lightly stayed in touch, and I would periodically think that I needed to find a guy similar to that nice guy that I went on three dates with.”

Different From Presentation

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One poster said, “He just turned out to be someone very different from how he presented himself originally. Either that, or he just plain changed, not sure which. Either way, we grew apart because the new version of him was a bad person.”

Attraction Faded

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This user replied, “I met a guy who was right on paper. We just missed each other in the “growing attraction” part. I had to cut things off because it became too hard to deal with. I was thinking “maybe in the future.” I wonder how it’ll turn out. Probably not, but who knows, maybe it will.”

Chaotic Lives

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A person shared, “We had no business dating anyone. What we needed was some time alone to sort ourselves out. We didn’t even really mean to stop talking. Our lives were so chaotic it was difficult for us to plan anything and maintain communication.”

Not In The Right Spot For Anything Serious

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This user added, “We’ve known each other close to 17 years, mostly as online friends. Met in person about 10 years ago, just running into each other. 8 years ago, dated for a month and then drifted as we weren’t in the right place for anything serious.”

Highs Not Worth The Lows

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An insightful comment was, “I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship that was really turbulent, and we were terrible to/for one another. The highs were really high, and the lows were really low. Ultimately, the highs were not worth the lows, and things ended badly.”


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This poster recalled, “We both wanted the same things in life, had similar interests, and the relationship was smooth as can be until she cheated. She convinced me to stay and then manipulated me to think that my trust issues were my own fault.”

Never Followed Through

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Finally, a commenter said, “She always said all the right things. Unfortunately, it was just saying the right things. No follow through, never actually keeping her word or anything, just saying the right things to end the conversation.”

Source: Reddit

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