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15 Critical Intimate “No-No’s” For Most People

Intimacy is a delicate and shared experience that should be enjoyed by all parties involved. That said, there are several crucial “no-go’s” that should always be respected to ensure a safe, consensual, and respectful experience for all parties involved. 

Ignoring Safe Words and Consent

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One commenter said, “I’m deep into B**M, and depending on what you’re into, ignoring safe words, doing anything without explicit consent, and failing to talk to your partner about this kink prior is huge in this world.”

Trying To Be An Adult Movie Star

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A second commenter added, “Just because you watch adult movies doesn’t mean you should try to emulate being an adult star. Try to remember movies are “fantasy” not real life.”

Saying Someone Else’s Name

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A third Commenter said, “Saying someone else’s name out loud, My friend did this to a girl years ago. Needless to say, the relationship abruptly and immediately ended on the spot.”

Falling Asleep

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A user shared, “Falling asleep. Twice. If you’re too tired or too drunk, why even engage? It’s a really hurtful thing to happen.”

Not Disclosing Communicable Diseases

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Someone added, “Not telling someone about confirmed or possible STD/I contractions. In many cases, this is highly illegal.”

Kink Shaming

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A person shared, “Kink shaming.” Just because you’re not into something that someone else is, you shouldn’t make them feel like they’re weird for it. As the saying goes, Don’t Yuck, My Yum.”

Getting Back Together With An Ex

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This poster commented, “Never get back together with an ex after you hook up. You’re going to have heightened emotions, and what seems like a good idea postcoitally usually isn’t a good idea in the long run.”

No High-Fiving!

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A commenter said, “Apparently high fives… my first girlfriend got so offended and left me hanging after we did it for the first time. We broke up shortly after.”

Lack Of Communication

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This user mentioned, “Lack of attentiveness and communication. Many people are so self-conscious in bed that they deprive themselves of the gratification they can get from their partner. Then since it didn’t go great because of their insecurity, they grow even more self-conscious, and the spiral continues.”

Don’t Ask During

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Someone added, “If you want to do weird things or stuff you didn’t talk about, it’s best to ask first and not “while you are at it.”

Not Having Clean Sheets

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A top-liked post said, “Don’t make me get into your nasty bed. Clean your sheets, especially if you know you have a “date” coming up that will inevitably end there!”

Not Discuss The Booty Before

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This person mentioned, “This goes for both men and women. If you haven’t discussed doing things to someone’s booty prior, don’t feel like you can “Ring the doorbell” without consent!”

Have A Plan

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A commenter posted, “Don’t lie about forms of birth control. Whether pill, condom, pull-out, or whatever else. Tell your partner and have a plan if it fails.”

Don’t Problem Solve

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This user added, “Don’t try to work through relationship issues during intimacy. From experience, it’s awful and only makes the situation worse!”

Save The Food For The Table

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Finally, a user shared, “Don’t bring food into the literal bedroom, lol. I have been cleaning whipped cream, syrup, and other liquids from my bed, floor, and walls for over 6 months!” Source: Reddit

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