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15 Excuses Cheaters Use When They Get Caught

When confronted with the undeniable truth of their deceitful actions, cheaters often resort to a myriad of excuses and justifications to evade responsibility and salvage their damaged reputation. Some may claim innocence, denying any wrongdoing despite the overwhelming evidence against them. Others might attempt to shift the blame onto external factors, painting themselves as victims of circumstance or relationship pressure. Regardless of the words they employ, it’s important to understand once a cheater, always a cheater.

I Can Explain

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One user said, “I can explain…….. she is a work friend, and we are working on a big project.”

You Cheated First

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A second user shared, “This one is my all-time favorite. He said, “I was getting even because you cheated on me first.” I responded, “I’ve never cheated on you.” Then he said, “But you’ve lost weight and look amazing.” THAT makes me a cheater?! Are you kidding me?!?!”

Half In, Half Out

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A third user added, “I felt like I didn’t deserve something so good.” And my favorite, “You were always half in and half out.” Ugh…..”

Didn’t Want To Hurt You

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This poster commented, “I didn’t want to hurt you.” my ex told me when he decided to tell me about 2% of what he had been up to for 6 years.”


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Someone shared, “I was bored, it was exciting!” or “We were distant….” I rubbed his back till he fell asleep every night!! Cheaters will say anything.”

Blame It On The Alcohol

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This person mentioned, “I was drunk” Nope, sorry, alcohol doesn’t make you do things you don’t want to do. You just lose your inhibitions about doing things you probably shouldn’t do.”

Living Like Roommates

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A top-liked comment said, “We were already living like roommates, so it meant we were already separated.” These people love to lie to themselves. It’s truly amazing.”

In My Mind

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This person added, “Her reply was, “In my mind, we were done,” I swear that cheaters all use the same book to quote from. They need a new book. Don’t let their lies become your reality.”

They Saw Me. You Didn’t

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A commenter recalled, “I cheated because she saw me, and you didn’t.” You are right. You were on a work trip getting drunk and drugged up while I was at home, pregnant, and raising our toddler.”

Wasn’t Planned

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A user shared, “My favorite is eight months after she cheated on me on Valentine’s Day while trying to reconcile. My ex-wife cheated on me again after convincing me to leave town for a trial separation. She cheated on me the day I left town. When I came home and found out, she said, “It was not like I had planned it.” They must think we are the stupidest people on earth.”

You Forced Me

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Someone recalled, “Tried to reconcile for 2 years. She stuck to the “it’s what you did/didn’t do to force me to cheat” and never admitted fault. We’ve been officially divorced for a month now, and she still tries to claim innocence to friends and bad-mouth me to our daughter.”

Drunk Or Not

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This poster said, “My ex said he couldn’t say no when he was drunk. Funny how he slept with 2 of my best friends and 3 other girls and left me for another, all while sober.”

Act This Way To You

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A top-liked comment said, “I genuinely want you to know how sorry and hurt I am that I could even have the ability to act this way to you.” 

I Needed Attention

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A user shared, “OMG. Don’t get me started. “I never loved you.” “You were always working, and I needed attention.” “I deserve the things he can give me.” I could keep going, but what’s the point? To this day. She isn’t remorseful. If you were to ask her why, she would say, “sh*t happens.”

Checked Out Years Ago

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Finally, someone said, “I checked out years ago” – Gee, thanks for letting me know. I guess she just used me for the years since. Also, she could get over those feelings at her own pace, and I had everything crash down around me instantly (not to mention our kids did, too).”

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