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15 Famous Couples Whose Relationships Started as Affairs

The world of celebrity relationships has seen its fair share of scandals and controversies, and some famous couples have raised eyebrows by starting off as affairs. These high-profile romances often capture the public’s attention, but not always for the right reasons.

Tori & Dean

Tori and Dean
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One poster shared, “Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott started as an affair. Dean and his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, had 1 kid already and were in the process of adopting another when he got together with Tori. Despicable.”

Ginny & Josh

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas
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A second poster added, “Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas. I remember watching season 1 of Once Upon A Time, hoping they would get together because of the chemistry. I didn’t realize they had cheated to do it, damn.”

Jen & Ben

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
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A third user said, “Jen Garner and Ben Affleck. People forget how MESSY she was because she has amazing PR.”

Eliza & Bob

Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley
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This user said, “Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley from The 100. Felt like their chemistry was off the charts, and I thought it was so cute when they got together! Like the one good thing to come off the show. Then I read that he basically strung his (ex) gf around for several seasons while fooling around w Eliza before they finally just officially & publicly got together. Super disappointing and toxic, like the show.”

Greta & Noah

Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach
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A top-liked comment said, “Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach. They claim otherwise, but I feel they did start as an affair! Why would Jennifer Jason Leigh divorce him with a new baby?”

Morena & Ben

Morena Baccarin and Benjamin Mckenzie
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This person said, “Morena Baccarin and Benjamin Mckenzie. That was a wild, like, 3 weeks. First, she and her husband separate. 2 days later, she’s with Benjamin. 5 days later, she’s married! In another few days, she’s pregnant! I’m exaggerating the timeline, but it was probably within a month or so when it all happened. And I can’t remember if they got married first, then the baby announcement, or vice versa. Anyways. Messy.”

Natalie & Ben

natalie portman and benjamin millepied
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One user added, “Natalie Portman and her husband started out as an affair. They met while filming Black Swan, and he was in a serious relationship and living with Isabella Boylston at the time. He and Natalie had an affair, and he dumped Isabella to be with Natalie. Then they got married and had a baby really quickly.”

Vince & Amy

Vince Gill and Amy Grant
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A poster commented, “Vince Gill and Amy Grant. The 90s country music scene was so messy. I lived for it.”

Billy & Claire

billy crudup and
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This commenter recalled, “Billy Crudup and Claire Danes. He cheated on and left Mary Lousie Parker when she was 7 months pregnant with their child for a 24-year-old Claire Danes. Trash.”

Amanda & Thomas

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski
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A user said, “Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski. She followed him to the country where he was on vacation with his then-wife, and they snuck off to have smex all over the place.”

Ryan & Blake

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively
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A top-liked comment said, “Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively. He was married to ScarJo during the filming of Green Lantern. Rumors of an affair started then, and then it quickly went quiet. The next minute Blake was suddenly ‘in a relationship’ with Leo for six months, and then she and Ryan ‘started dating.’ In the meantime, he and ScarJo had got / we’re getting divorced.”

Anna & Chris

anna faris and chris pratt
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One person added, “Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. They met while shooting ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ while she was still married to her first husband.”

Jerry & Jessica

jerry seinfeld and jessica sklar
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This person mentioned, “Jerry Seinfeld and his current wife. She was newly married and met Jerry at the gym. Then bada bing, bada boom!”

Leann & Eddie

eddie cibrian and leann rimes
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Finally, this user added, “Those of us who were around for the glory days of Dlisted will remember the drama of Eddie Cibrian leaving Brandi Glanville for Leann Rimes. Then Leann “single white female-ing,” Brandi and slowly morphs into her. It was a crazy time to be a celeb gossip addict.” Source: Reddit

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