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15 Fascinating Tales Of What Happened After Someone Started Sleeping With A Co-Worker

Sleeping with a co-worker can lead to various outcomes, some of which may have significant implications for individuals and their workplace dynamics. While every situation is unique, several potential outcomes may arise. Many workplace policies and regulations may prohibit or discourage such relationships, leading to potential disciplinary actions or even termination. That said, it is crucial for individuals to carefully consider the potential outcomes and implications before embarking on a romantic relationship with a co-worker.

Ended In Marriage

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One commenter said, “Our company had 130,000 employees worldwide. ⁠Our group was housed in a building with 1,000 employees. ⁠We were not in each other’s chain of command. ⁠It could have been somewhat awkward if it did not work out, but not awful. ⁠It did work out. Got married 2 years later. ⁠Later on, saved money by carpooling!”

Presumed Dead

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A commenter added, “Slept with her, a year later, she went missing and is presumed dead. Been about 8-9 years now.”

Practiced Other Stuff

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This user recalled, “We both worked as actors in a small film, cast as romantic leads. She noticed I got tense when we had to kiss and suggested we go on a date to practice kissing. We played minigolf and practiced kissing. Then we continued practicing in her car in the parking lot after the minigolf place closed until a cop came to investigate. Then we got a hotel room and practiced other stuff.”

Life Is Good

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A poster commented, “Dated discreetly, and after four years, we got engaged. We then both told our supervisors we were leaving in the summer. At our last meeting, as they were doing their goodbye lunch for both of us with about 30 coworkers, they had us say a few words. I went first and said I was moving to a new city. Then it was my fiancés turn, and she said she was also moving to that city, with me, because we’re engaged. It was glorious. We are happily married for 13 years and have an awesome daughter. Life is good.”

Fired Immediately

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Someone said, “I had a supervisor that I really hit it off with and had great chemistry. As soon as they found out we were dating, she got fired and immediately found a better job. We’ve been married for almost 13 years now.”

Just A Fling

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This person added, “We did it a couple of times then both went on with our lives. It was just something we both wanted to do temporarily. Neither one of us wanted it to be serious or long-term, and so it wasn’t.”

Had A Baby

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A top-liked comment said, “We moved in together, got engaged, bought a house, and had a baby. Don’t let a job get in the way of your life.”

Slept With His Boss

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One user recalled, “I slept with my boss back in 93. She instigated it. She’s sitting beside me. Thirty years later, and two adult kids. It worked out!”

Not The Father

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Someone recalled, “We hooked up for a few weeks, and everything was fine, or so I thought. After she went home for Christmas break and came back, she didn’t talk to me for months. Completely cold. I didn’t know why. Seven months later, she called me. She also hooked up with another colleague, got pregnant, and had an abortion. She swore the baby was his, but I still think I was the father.”

Remained Friends

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This person shared, “She had a meltdown at a house party and ran off crying. I ran after her to make sure she was okay. We talked for a while and went for a drive. Ended up having s****x in the car. She was really sweet. I wanted to date her, but she said she was a hot mess and unprepared to get into a relationship. We’re still friends.”

Double Life

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A top-liked comment said, “We were seeing each other secretly so that neither would lose their position or so I thought….It turns out he had a wife and 2 kids. Didn’t find out until a mutual friend told me 7 months into it. I thought I was in love. It absolutely crushed me.”

Then He Quit

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This user said, “After agreeing not to tell anyone, he not only told almost everyone we worked with but depicted the “things he did to me” to them… then he quit.”

They Told Management

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A poster commented, “We told management, and they ensured we didn’t work together to avoid conflicts of interest. Most big companies have policies in place for this kind of thing. The more people employed in the workplace, the more common it is. We’re all human, and we all want some.”

Good Times

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This user added, “We’ve been sleeping together for over a year. He’s at a different job now. Honestly was super fun. We shared secret looks when we passed by each other. Sneaky texts about how hard it is not to jump each other’s bones every time we passed. Good times.”

Just For Fun

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Finally, a user shared, “She hated me at work but always called me 2-3 times a week when she got drunk and wanted some lol I don’t know if I was good or just convenient, but we both knew it was only fun with no ties so it worked out when she got married a couple of years later.”

Source: Reddit

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