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15 Green Flags That Made People Want To Marry Their Partners

The moment someone realizes they want to marry their partner is a unique and deeply personal experience. For some, it may be an overwhelming feeling of certainty that washes over them like a warm wave, while for others, it might be a gradual realization that solidifies over time. It could be a particular moment or an accumulation of shared experiences that gradually strengthens their bond. It might be a conversation, a glance, or an act of kindness that makes them see their partner in a new light, recognizing their compatibility, love, and unwavering support. It’s a profound awareness that their partner is not just a lover but a life companion. 

At The Bar

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One poster said, “I knew the night we were out at the bar: Me: “I’ll just have a shot of Maker’s.” Her: “Yeah, me too.” Bartender, to me: “Want me to mix it with anything?” Me: “Yeah.  Another shot of Maker’s.” To her: “And you, ma’am?” Her: “I’ll just have what he’s having, but make mine a double.” Me: “Will you marry me?”

Expresses Emotions

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A second poster shared, “She knows how to express negative emotions constructively. “I’m really frustrated with how dirty the house is,” rather than “You’re a f****king slob.”

Same Shape

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A third poster added, “It was that heart-shaped a****, 42 years later….still the same shape, gets me every day.”

Just Knew Each Other

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This user commented, “On the first date, we went to a bbq joint. We chatted for 7 hours straight. Knew we had something special right from the get-go. It was like we just knew each other right away.”

Plain Ol’ Nice

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Someone shared, “Being nice to waitstaff, being nice to kids, being nice to animals. Just being nice in general. She’s a lovely woman with a beautiful soul.”

She Stepped Up

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A top-liked comment said, “My brother had a horrible car accident. I basically shut down. So did my parents. My girlfriend at the time stepped into action. She became an adult. Got us to the hospital. Made sure we ate. When people had to go home and sleep, she made sure we went home and slept. The voice in our heads we were unable to synthesize. She became that voice. When we were getting indulgent and lost in our own sadness, she called us on it.”

Date Nights In

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This person added, “Me: Want to go out somewhere? Her: Not really? Me: …….Her: Want to come round, order takeout, and watch a film instead? 19 years later, and not much has changed. We’d much rather use our 2 x child-free date nights per month to just binge watch tv and stuff our faces rather than going out somewhere fancy.”

Thoughtful & Sentimental

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A poster commented, “We started dating the summer she got back from her freshmen year of college. The night before she returned to school later that summer, she made me a poster of pictures, song lyrics, and funny things we had said and laughed about that summer. It was really sweet. She was always very thoughtful and sentimental.”

A Football Fan

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One user recalled, “I invited her over to watch the Super Bowl with some friends. She was really into the game and knew what was going on. She’s a big football fan, and our teams are rivals, so every football season is really fun with her.”

Pure Intentions

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This commenter mentioned, “She has a pure heart, and she is friendly to everyone, even those that don’t deserve it. She loves animals and will always lend a hand. She is a true-life princess.”

Never Gets Upset

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A person shared, “He is the most manly man I have ever met. He is emotional and can share his feelings, he never yells or gets upset, and he can work through issues without flying off the handle.”

Always Has Time

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Someone shared, “He would schedule dates, pick the places to eat, and always be on time. 13 years later, he’s still the same sweet man that picked me up in a bar while in college. He always has time for me, even when it’s something small that I’m upset by.” 

She Gets Me

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A poster commented, “She just gets me. She knows when I need something, even when I don’t. I don’t really know any other way to describe the love she has for me, but it’s just never-ending.”

Easy Talker

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This user added, “It was instantly easy to talk to her. I never felt like I had to put on a show for her because she never did with me, and she actively affirmed that. She immediately blew every standard I thought was high enough out of the water.”

Differing Opinions

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Finally, a user said, “She isn’t afraid to have a different opinion than mine, but she always hears me out, and she ALWAYS supports me. Every time I phrase something about myself in a negative way, she reframes it for me in a different light, and more often than not, it pulls me out of a dark mood. In my previous relationship, I felt awfully critiqued for just being the person I was. That critique would often make me feel guilty for not meeting the standards set for me by my significant other. Now that I’ve got a partner who celebrates who I am, I realize I’ve been holding myself back from just doing what makes me happy.”

Source: Reddit

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