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15 Very Important Things Men Need to Avoid Doing If They Want To Be More Attractive

When aiming to look attractive, men should be mindful of certain behaviors, actions, and styles that might appear unappealing. Firstly, they should avoid excessive arrogance or narcissism. Secondly, resorting to crude humor or disrespectful behavior towards others is a major turn-off and can be off-putting to potential partners. Thirdly, trying too hard to impress by showing off material possessions can appear superficial and insincere. Finally, changing oneself entirely to fit a certain ideal can lead to a lack of authenticity and may deter people from seeking genuine and sincere partners.

Shrugging It Off

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One poster said, “Not taking advice on self-care and just shrugging off the problem pretending to be ok. Being emotionally inept is not attractive. Self-care doesn’t mean getting a manicure or going to the spa but finding ways to handle yourself is attractive versus the “I’m fine” route.”

Don’t Emulate Characters

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A second poster shared, “Don’t emulate “cool” tv characters to look cool. Much like pro wrestlers, tv characters are unrealistically amped up. Patrick Bateman was a psychopath. Is that really something you want to emulate? It’s even sadder when they emulate the cadence in their voice.”

Don’t “Put Down” Other Men

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A third poster added, “Don’t put another guy down to make your chances with a girl higher. If she’s interested in him, this is an awful way to try and win her affection.”

Acting & Looking Tough

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This user commented, “The tough guy walk/look. Use to have to work with a guy like that. Had his shirt sleeves rolled up over his shoulder, showing the ladies his scrawny arms. Bro, this isn’t a prison. It’s Dairy Queen. He would hit the gym before coming to work, so his arms looked a little bigger. He wasn’t young. He was like 37. Doing that to 19-20 year old girls.”

Self-Proclaim “Alpa-Male”

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Someone shared, “Referring to themselves as an “alpha male.” If you have to let people know you’re an “alpha male,” you are not.” 

Own Your Quirks

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A top-liked comment said, “Don’t try to be someone else to impress a girl. Be yourself, don’t act like you hate something or you’re above something because a girl thinks it’s for losers. If you like Warhammer and D.N.D., own that stuff”.

Take Your Shirt Off

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This person added, “Taking their shirt off at awkward moments. Reminds me of that guy from The Good Place who keeps taking his shirt off and saying he needs to hit the gym so that he can avoid whatever is happening.”

Don’t “Try” To Be Funny

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A poster commented, “If you’re not funny, don’t try to be. Yes, humor is usually a huge turn-on for women, but trying to be funny when you’re not looks and sounds really awkward.”

Don’t Be Too Cool

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One user recalled, “Don’t be ‘too cool to care” or “‘Yeah, whatever.’ The most attractive men are those who everyone loves (not just women). That guy who is really interested in what you have to say makes you feel great, he is always so happy to see you, and you realize one day he makes everyone feel like that!”

Go Easy On The Cologne

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This commenter mentioned, “Men, I cannot stress this enough. Don’t wear so much cologne. A scent shouldn’t suffocate the people around you. It should be a subtle, intimate, lingering afterthought that reminds people of you and makes them nostalgic in whatever way you intend.”

Comb Overs

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A well-liked post mentioned, “Doing the comb over when going bald. Just own it. There are much better ways to handle receding hair lines.”

Smoke And/Or Vape

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Someone shared, “Smoking and/or vaping. Especially, smoking, gross, kissing someone with smokers breath is a huge turn off. Also, vaping in public, I was recently at a baseball game, and all these “frat bros” were vaping, it looks so dumb, especially when trying to hide it.”

Spitting For No Reason

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A poster commented, “Spitting for no reason isn’t attractive. I’ve seen cowboys or big buff dudes do it on TV but in real life, that is 1000 percent disgusting.”

Negative Flirting

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This user added, “Negging. Insulting women isn’t going to make them want to sleep with you, and if it does, it’s not someone you want to sleep with because there are definitely a couple of screws loose.”

Don’t Yell & Throw Things

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Finally, a user said, “Yelling or throwing things during fights. It’s not “passionate” or “shows me you care,” it’s immature and scary. I refuse to date anyone that yells at me. It’s super unattractive. Go work out your issues elsewhere.”

Source: Reddit

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