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Top 15 Things The Opposite Gender Experiences That The Other Feels So Bad About

Individuals of the opposite gender do feel bad about the experiences faced by each other. Men tend to feel bad about the widespread issue of harassment and objectification that many women encounter in their daily lives. Similarly, women feel bad about the societal pressure on men to conform to rigid notions of masculinity, which often discourage emotional expression and promote toxic behaviors. 

Social Pressure

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One commenter said, “I think women have significant indirect social pressure to look good. Make-up. Clothes. Weight. They really do get a lot of judgment from people.”

Close Relationships

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A second commenter added, “I feel bad that many men feel like they can’t have close relationships where they can talk about their problems/feelings freely. I can’t imagine living life without my close friendships. Platonic love is what keeps me sane.”

Pressure To Be A Mom & Wife

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A third commenter posted, “Feeling all the pressure to get married and start a family as soon as a woman goes out on her own.”

Labeled A Creep

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This user shared, “This may be a weird one, but… being viewed with suspicion if you interact with children that are not your own.”

Less Than A Man

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A poster divulged, “Being told they’re ‘less than a man’ when they experience emotions and get upset.”

Friendly Demeanor

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Someone added, “Women having to put on a friendly demeanor when guys just aren’t taking the hint they’re not interested.”

Height Insecurity

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One person shared, “Height insecurity for men. They catch flack from both men and women, and it’s stuff they can’t change, like at all.”

Being Alone

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A top-liked comment said, “Not being able to walk anywhere alone without the fear of being harassed, stalked, or abducted.”


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This person stated, “The amount of pain women go through when on their periods. Then go about their day and do everything they have to get done (take care of kids, work, etc.) and act like they’re okay. I’d just drop to the ground in the fetal position and stay there until the pain was gone.”

Things That Pop-Up Unexpectedly

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A user mentioned, “Unexpected pitched tent”! I am easily excitable, so I would be constantly embarrassed!”

Constantly Being Mom

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This commenter posted, “We have two young kids that are constantly all over my wife like she doesn’t get a break at all. I try to help as often as I can, but the kids do not want anything to do with me usually, and the responsibility always falls on her. I feel awful about it.”


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One poster lamented, “Men have a harder time getting custody and face more hardships when it comes to owing money in a divorce.”

Birth Control

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Someone shared, “Having an IUD extracted/inserted. I had absolutely no idea that this was a painful process until I went to such an appointment with my girlfriend. Everyone’s partner should attend these types of appointments and see what their significant others go through.”

Feminine Stigma

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A top-liked comment said, “As a woman, I can wear things that are “masculine” and enjoy doing things that are considered masculine with so much less stigma than if men wore feminine things or liked “feminine” things.”

Dismissed Interests

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Finally, someone added, “When men dismiss a woman’s interest in something because she’s a woman. Like, “Oh, you’re a girl and into Star Wars? You must just watch it because you think baby Yoda is cute.”  It has to be exhausting.” Source: Reddit

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