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15 Little White Lies We Tell Our Partners To Keep Them Happy

White lies often find their way into our relationships as a means to maintain harmony and contentment. We occasionally tell these little untruths to our partners with the sincere intention of safeguarding their happiness. Whether it’s praising their new haircut that we’re not particularly fond of or pretending to love a homemade meal that didn’t quite hit the mark, these harmless fibs serve as gentle shields against potential disappointment or hurt feelings. 

Pressure Points

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One user shared, “My gf can’t sleep sometimes. I told her there was a pressure point on her lower neck that, if pressed, induces sleepiness. When she can’t sleep, I will press on it to placebo her into getting tired and falling asleep.”

Look Over There

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A second user added, “Whenever were driving and she “thinks” she saw a dead animal she’ll ask “Was that a dead____?” and I always respond “No, it was a trash bag/piece of trash.” Then point the opposite way and say, “Hey, look at that! Aww, you missed it; it was a neat bird.”

So She’ll Eat

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A third user said, “I tell my girlfriend I’m hungry, so she’ll eat something. She will only eat when I eat. Even if I had a 3-course meal an hour ago, I’ll do it so that she eats.”

To Travel 6 Hours

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A commenter posted, “Yes, I would love to travel 6 hours to see your family. This isn’t round trip. It’s one way.”

His Cough

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Someone added, “I insist that his old man phlegmy cacophonous sinus-clearing coughs in the morning don’t bother me. He can’t help it, but man, they are rough and gross to listen to…”

Invasive Snails

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This user recalled, “We live in an area where it doesn’t rain frequently, but when it does, we get a ton of snails. He would get sad because we’d see some snails that had been stepped on, so I tell him they were an invasive species so he wouldn’t feel so bad about them getting smushed.”

What She Doesn’t Know

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A top-liked comment said, “My gf hates Dijon mustard. I have a personal sauce that I make for burgers. She asked if it has Dijon in it. I said no. She loved it, and I’ve made it multiple times since then. She’s even requested it a few times. (It has a decent amount of Dijon mustard in it)”

Her First Steps

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A person shared, “Our child took their first steps when she and I visited my parents a few hours away while my husband was at work.  Later that evening, he got home shortly after we did, and our daughter took a few steps toward him when he came into the house. He got extremely excited thinking those were her first steps, so I went with it and got excited too. She’s 14 now. I’ve never told him the truth.”

Of Course, They Look Like You

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This commenter stated, “The kids are looking more and more like you every day.” She spent 9 months creating each of them inside her womb, enduring sickness, fatigue, and torture, and they came out looking like clones of ME.”

Enjoys His In-Laws

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This person mentioned, “That I enjoy spending time with her parents. The truth is, I do like her parents, and it’s always nice to see them… for a little while. After the fourth day in a row of listening to them bicker about how the forks were sticking up in the dishwasher when my father-in-law knows they’re supposed to be put in with the tines down, I’m ready to go home and sit in total silence.”

Hedgehogs In The Garden

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A poster commented, “We have hedgehogs in our garden. Lots of them come to visit, and we had a small guy two weeks ago. We have him some cat food and water, and then he buggered off into the hedge, and we didn’t see him again. I found him dead a few days later. The wife thinks he’s just out and about, and I told her I saw him again. He’s wrapped in a bag in the bottom of the bin, and it will kill her if she knows. 

He Can’t Cook

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A top-liked comment said, “He’s a chef, and I’m a picky eater. I don’t want to complain because he still took the time to make it, and I can’t cook for sh****t.”

They’re Obnoxious

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This user added, “Yeah, I really enjoy it when your brother and his wife come visit us” I cannot stand either one of them and find his brother to be an obnoxious a****.”

I Saw It, But I Still Laugh

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A commenter mentioned, “Whenever they show me something they watched or a meme, I act like I’ve never seen it and laugh my a**** off.”

Like Fine Wine

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Finally, a poster shared, “You haven’t aged since I met you” While I believe it to be true, many people ask me how old my partner is, and when I tell them, they’re shocked. I’ll admit that she does have the features of an “older lady,” and I know it gets to her, but I love her all the same and will do anything to make her happy.”

Source: Reddit

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