People Confess Their 15 Most Awkward But Surprisingly Pleasurable Turn-Ons

Turn-ons can vary greatly from person to person. What one person finds arousing may not be the same for someone else. Turn-ons tend to be a private thing for most people because they may feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about them, especially if they think they are “weird” turn-ons. Sharing turn-ons, even with a partner, can evoke a sense of embarrassment due to societal expectations or personal insecurities. 

Erogenous Zones

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One user shared, “There is a spot on the dead-center back of my head. Even someone lightly touching it or pulling my hair sets me off. Doesn’t matter who.”

Waiting To Be Touched

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A second user said, “I had a male friend that was very religious and did not touch women. We were close friends for years and never touched, hugged, or shook hands. One day he passed me a pen, and his finger grazed my finger ever so slightly. Holy moly… It was one of the most intense sensual moments I’ve ever experienced. The sense of touch was magnified to a level I had never experienced. So yes. That’s my kink now. But any time I asked a partner just to avoid touching for like a week, even a few days to build up the se****ual tension, they thought I was crazy….”


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A third user added, “When a guy lays his head on my lap and is totally vulnerable. It’s the vulnerability part for me. That’s the turn-on.”

Olive Green

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A poster commented, “Olive green, I don’t know why, but if a woman wears an olive green shirt, I find it strangely arousing.”

Professional Tattoos

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A top-liked comment said, “People who dress professionally for work, but they have a tattoo or several, and the tattoos can slightly be seen.

Gloriously Good Time In Bed

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This person added, “I love joking, laughing, and talking about random stuff, all while having a gloriously good time in bed. Good belly laughs and absolute silliness in bed is a big one for me.”

Intimate Whispers

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One poster said, “When someone gets really close and whispers in my ear…like please, no, I can’t be h***rny right now.”

Emotional Turn-Ons

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Someone stated, “A competent and capable girl who is completely fumbling something. Like a girl that is really smart and knows how to cook but is completely messing up trying to make dinner. I’ll go over and help, but I will constantly think of helping in other ways. It’s more of an emotional turn-on than a physical one.”

Position Of Some Power

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This poster commented, “Female mid-level managers at grocery stores. Like the assistant manager or dept head. I’m dead serious, and I have no idea why.”


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A user posted, “I’ve always thought some women looked REALLY good with vampire fangs. Or even just longer canine teeth. No idea why but I know it’s weird.”

Wardrobe Mishaps

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A top-liked comment said, “Wardrobe malfunctions. But they need to look accidental, not “se****y.” Like the Janet Jackson Super Bowl mishap. My God.”

Lip Biting

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This person added, “Lip biting. A natural lip bite is so se****y, but it’s very obvious when someone does it intentionally to “be sexy,” and it looks dumb. But those natural and possibly even subconscious lip bites…..”

Encompassing Hugs

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This commenter stated, “Someone who hugs well, like a big ol hug that embraces the other person and presses them against you while you slightly lay your head on theirs and just cherish the moment for a few seconds. Drives me mad.”

Reading In Public

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This user shared, “People reading books in public. Especially when it’s a guy who holds the book open with one hand, I melt.”

Talking To Animals

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Finally, a user said, “The other day, my boyfriend was talking to his dog, and he said, “You’re such a good girl. I love you so much.” I was sitting near them. It turned me on so much. I didn’t say anything, though. So embarrassing!”

Source: Reddit

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