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10 Stories of What It’s Like to Dating a Celebrity. Who Was It? How Did It Go?

Dating a celebrity is a whirlwind experience that thrusts ordinary individuals into the spotlight of fame and scrutiny. Yet, being in a relationship with a celebrity can also bring its fair share of challenges. For those who have dated celebrities, it becomes an unforgettable chapter in their lives, filled with extraordinary experiences and lessons learned amid the allure and fascination of the celebrity world.

Professional Baseball Player

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One commenter said, “Famous” and “ dating” are stretches here, but I met an MLB player at the gym a few years back. I had no idea who he was but noticed that he was super charming and charismatic… he asked for my number, I gave it to him, and then he started calling and texting ALL THE TIME. However, something felt off, so I didn’t meet up with him again. A couple of weeks later, I found out he had literally just had a baby with another woman.”

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix
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A second commenter added, “One of my closest friends dated Joaquin Phoenix for a bit. He was really shy. They dated for around 7-8 months just before he grew the long hair and was doing all of those crazy interviews. My friend is super artsy and eclectic, and he was too. They were pretty serious even though they didn’t date for that long; she stayed at Joaquin’s sister’s place (when she was married to Casey Affleck, so he was there too) several times for parties and whatnot.”

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges
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A third commenter posted, “I went on a couple of dates with Leon Bridges! We were friends before he got super famous. He’s so sweet. Sings all of the time. I run into him every now and again at some spots in Fort Worth. However, haven’t seen him since 2019!”

Johnny Cash

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This user shared, “My great-grandmother had a long love affair with Johnny Cash. There are photos of them together. I was disappointed she wasn’t included in the movie Walk the Line.”

Chris Evans

Chris Evans
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A poster divulged, “A friend I worked with used to be a movie extra in the early 2000s. She dated Chris Evans, and he was apparently really into coke. He wasn’t the nicest boyfriend either. She didn’t give any specifics, but back then, he was not the person he appears to be today.”. 

Demi Moore

Demi Moore
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Someone added, “I nearly stole Demi Moore from her date, if that counts. I was in a VIP upstairs area of a club in Hollywood. I saw her at the bar and shot my shot. We vibed. I told her the love scene in Ghost is the hottest love scene ever. She said I reminded her of Patrick Swayze. I felt I could leave with her, but I was there with a female friend who had just broken up with her boyfriend, and I was out that night cheering her up, so it felt mean to ditch her.”

Skip Bayless

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One person shared, “My aunt dated Skip Bayless for a while when he was in Chicago. She hasn’t shared many details, but from what I’ve heard from my parents, it didn’t end well, and it wasn’t a very healthy relationship.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Not dated, but I slept with G-Eazy. Before he was dating Ashley Benson, it was exactly what you’d expect.”

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt
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This person stated, “My old neighbor dated Brad Pitt in high school. I asked how the intimacy was, and she said, “Is anyone good at intimacy in high school?” So you can come to your own conclusion on that one.”

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman
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A user mentioned, “An old self-defense instructor of mine was set up on a blind date with Sarah Silverman before she got famous. Apparently, she was weird and kind of rude.”

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter
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This commenter posted, “ I was “talking” to Aaron Carter for a few months before he met his current widowed fiancé. He was trying to fly me out(I’m in the UK), but all our conversations/ calls were mega weird because he was clearly high on something. He was easily angered and super paranoid too, which was kinda scary. Would forever go on about suing people, his lawyer, and liked to say he knew everything about me because he has ‘sources’. It’s a shame, as I think he was probably a nice guy before the drugs took over.”

Owen Benjamin

Owen Benjamin
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One poster added, “I had a summer fling with a stand-up comedian. He was on a short-lived tv show at the time. I used to see him at the Hollywood Improv and met a few of his famous comedian friends. I stopped seeing him after he tried to have a threesome with me & his girlfriend (that I had no idea about).”

Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver
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Someone shared, “My uncle dated Minnie Driver casually for a bit decades ago. He said she’s wonderful, kind, and can drink any grown man under the table.”

Judy Garland

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A top-liked comment said, “My uncle dated Judy Garland late in her life. She was pretty deep in addiction by then, so by all accounts, it was messy.”

Boys In Bands

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Finally, someone added, “I suppose it depends on what you define as famous. I dated two different musicians who were in bands that get played on the radio and play huge festivals, but no one you would recognize or know the names of. So, famous to some people? They were both insecure, egotistical, and both cheated on me.” 

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