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15 Of The Pettiest Reasons People Break Up

In the intricate landscape of relationships, it’s surprising how seemingly insignificant matters can sometimes be the catalyst for breakups. From the toothpaste cap left open to the choice of toppings on a pizza, petty reasons have found their place in causing romantic rifts. Differences in preferred TV shows, incompatible thermostat settings, or even clashing opinions about the superior side of the bed can magnify irreconcilable disputes. 

Sleep Farting

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One commenter said, “She broke up with me because I farted while sleeping. She said she couldn’t be with someone who is disgusting. Everyone farts in their sleep.”

Her Ex Wasn’t A Fan

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A second commenter added, “I had a girl break up with me after a week because her ex-boyfriend didn’t like me. That was a relationship I gladly exited.”

Team Rivalries

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A third commenter posted, “Sports rivalries. My ex broke up with me because “my” football team beat hers, and I was giving her stuff about it after the game ended. That definitely happened, which is hilarious.”

Not Replying Fast Enough

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This user shared, “I didn’t reply to a text message quickly enough. The iPhone messes people’s minds up when they let them see that “read” under your message though. ”He read it like 3 minutes ago; what is he doing that he can’t message me back OMG, is he with someone else?????”

Killed In A Dream

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A poster divulged, “Not relationship related, but my best friend at the time had a dream I killed her. She called me to tell me she was not comfortable seeing me until she was ready. I was going through a hard day, and after she called me and our conversation ended, I broke down crying. Like, what the heck? That was so random and stung so much, I felt like a criminal…”

Not The Right Ethnicity

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Someone added, “My first boyfriend, I had a crush on since 8th grade. He asked me out at the end of my junior year. We dated a year before he told me he couldn’t date me because I’m not Korean.”

Celebrity Obsession

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One person shared, “One time, I broke up with someone because they were obsessed with Julia Roberts, and I thought she was meh. Whenever we hung out, it was Julia Roberts this, Julia Roberts that. Sheesh.”

Wore Too Many Hats

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A top-liked comment said, “My ex-wife in her divorce paperwork cited one of the reasons as “…he also wore too many hats.” Literally, I like to wear hats, and she hated that.”

Did Like Her Movies

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This person stated, “I had a girl break up with me because I didn’t like Marvel movies. I watched a few with her because I liked spending time with her. I think she noticed that I was not keeping up well when she was nerding out over some stuff and then asked me if I’m even into all of it. I told her it really isn’t something I’m into, but I love that she is, and I just like spending time with her. That was not enough for her. She felt betrayed, like I was pretending to like something just to placate her.”

Astrological Signs

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A user mentioned, “I dated a girl for a few months. It was pretty turbulent for the most part. When she broke up with me, she said, “I’ve been wondering why things have been so tough between us, and I figured out our star signs don’t align. Or because she was a psycho that put too much stock in astrological signs.”

Dirty Feet

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This commenter posted, “I broke up with a girl because she had dirty feet, ALL. THE. TIME. I don’t have a foot fetish or anything, but she wore flip-flops all spring and summer, and it appeared that her feet were just getting dirtier by the week. She would get pedicures, and within a few hours, her feet would be dirty again like she was walking through mud. I never understood it.”

Settle For Prettier

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One poster lamented, “He said to me, “I’m breaking up with you because I found out I can settle with prettier people.” There’s a fine line between confidence and delusion.”

Dream Cheating

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Someone shared, “My partner had a nightmare that I cheated on them, and because of the dream, they break up with me.”

Too Many Kitchen Accessories

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A top-liked comment said, “Recently, someone broke up with me because I “had too many kitchen accessories in the cabinet and not a big enough kitchen.” Dude. Your ex-wife is stalking me and my ex-husband, sending me death threats. There is much more to it. But yeah- my kitchen in my little apartment as I save for a house—total dealbreaker. Let me cry a thousand tears.”

Text Receipts

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Finally, someone added, “I was in a brief relationship recently with a guy who insisted I turn read receipts on even though I never do for anyone. I told him I felt a little weird about doing it but did it anyway. A few weeks later, I read one of his texts and didn’t respond for an hour because I was working. After not hearing from me immediately, he texted, “There’s something very untrustworthy about you,” and then told me he needed space. He ghosted me for a week and then dumped me.”

Source: Reddit

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