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15 Real Reasons Men Work Out That You Might Not Realize – Not Just Muscles

Men engage in regular workouts for many reasons, each rooted in their unique motivations and aspirations. Physical fitness often becomes a means of cultivating strength, endurance, and vitality, allowing men to feel empowered and capable in their bodies. Beyond the physical aspect, working out also contributes to mental well-being, releasing endorphins that alleviate stress and enhance mood. Many men find solace in the gym or through various exercise routines, utilizing the process as a form of self-care and an avenue to clear their minds from the demands of daily life. 

Look Good In Clothing

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“One of the many big reasons men workout is to look better in clothing and maintain a healthy lifestyle so that their health doesn’t impact them having to miss out on life experiences.” 

Not Too Many Left

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“Several older men (over the age of 50) report that ​there are few men in that age range who are not fat and out of shape, so it’s nice for them to look good.”

So They’re Not Fat

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“Men in their 40s with children have stated that it’s important to exercise because it helps them keep up with their young children as they don’t want to be “the fat dad” at their kid’s ball games.” 

Health For Later

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“Men more focused on their cardiovascular fitness and engage in running have stated that they do for the health benefits but mainly because they would prefer not to blow out a knee or other joint before they hit 50.”

Sleeve Busting Biceps

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“Some men love the sight of big muscles and will do what needs to be done in the gym to see sleeve-busting biceps and big bulky shoulders.”

They See Their Future

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“Younger men that work in the corporate world see the older men that they work with that have been working at their jobs for years and state that by the time they’re at the older stages of life, they’d prefer not to need an extended seat to sit on while they do work like their older overweight colleagues.”

Easier Than

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“Some men just flat out say that having diabetes or other metabolic-related health conditions is far worse than busting their butt in the gym a few days a week to avoid such things.”

The Pump

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“The pump that they get from lifting. The “pump” while lifting weights is a euphoric feeling that someone gets while their muscles are filling with blood from working them out. Many men are addicted to the feeling of “the pump.”

Invest In Your Health Too

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“Men are encouraged to invest in a retirement account to retire and live off their savings when they’re older. However, there’s very little encouragement for men to build muscle when they’re younger so that life is more enjoyable when they’re older.”

Climb As Far As You Can Now

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“When men eventually get to the “over the hill” part of life, it’s nothing but downhill from there. So it’s best to climb to the highest part of the hill you can while you still can.”


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“Many men lift strictly for the mental health aspect of it.  Exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins help us feel good.”

An Escape

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“Lifting and exercise allow men an escape. When you’re in the gym, on a bike, out for a run, or whatever you may be doing for exercise. It’s you versus you, and this helps motivate many men into competing hard with themselves.” 

Look Good Naked

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“To look good naked. Who doesn’t want to look good naked, if not for themselves but for someone else? Looking good naked is a massive confidence booster, and confidence is good for mental health.”

Because Of A Breakup

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“Several men report that a breakup is what led them to the gym. Finding the gym and a set of weights after a breakup is a great way to find a new hobby and create a new skill. As the saying goes, “A breakup will lead a man to do what he’s never done before to find himself.”

Easier & More Fun

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“Being fit and in shape makes life much easier and more fun. If not for the social aspect but the clothing aspect as well. People spend so much time and money on their appearance when sometimes just hitting the gym and having a well-balanced diet is all people need instead of all the surgeries to fix imperfections and crash diets that never seem to work.”

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