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Gag Worthy: 15 “Chick Flicks” That You Need To Cozy Up And Watch This Weekend

“Chick flicks” often don’t get as much attention as the big blockbusters, but they have their own unique charm. These films are all about friendship, love, and the ups and downs of life, making them relatable to teenagers and adults alike. While they may not have the flashiest special effects or the biggest budgets, what they lack in spectacle, they more than makeup for in heart and authenticity.

“In Her Shoes” (2005)

In Her Shoes Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox
In Her Shoes Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

“In Her Shoes” is a movie that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves among chick flicks. One reason is that it’s about romance and the relationship between two sisters. Many people think chick flicks are only about love stories, but this one shows the ups and downs of sisterhood, which many people can relate to. Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette deliver awesome performances that elevate the film beyond typical rom-com fare.

“The Princess Diaries” (2001)

The Princess Diaries
Image Credit Walt Disney Studios

Beloved by many but often dismissed as a teen flick, “The Princess Diaries” is not just a regular fairy tale where a princess finds her prince. It’s about a normal girl, Mia, who discovers she’s a princess. This makes it more relatable because not everyone can be a princess, but everyone can understand what it feels like to have their life change unexpectedly.

“Last Holiday” (2006)

The Last Holiday
Image Credit Paramount Pictures

Queen Latifah, who plays the main character, Georgia, gets a grim diagnosis and decides to do everything she’s always wanted to do. The movie has a mix of funny and touching moments, plus it’s not overly serious, so it’s enjoyable to watch. Queen Latifah’s performance is really good, and she makes Georgia a likable and inspiring character that you root for as she goes on this adventure.

“Bridget Jones’s Diary” (2001)

Renée Zellweger
Image Credit_ Depositphotos everett225

Often seen as just another romantic comedy, “Bridget Jones’s Diary” is a refreshing and relatable chick flick with humor, heart, and a valuable lesson about self-acceptance. Bridget (Renée Zellweger) is a relatable and imperfect woman who struggles with her career, relationships, and self-doubt, making it easy for viewers to connect with her because of her real life. “Bridget Jones Diary” is a refreshing “chick flick” with humor, heart, and a valuable lesson about self-acceptance, making it underrated among its genre.

“Penelope” (2006)

Penelopy sitting on a bench

“Penelope” takes a different approach to the typical fairy tale romance. Instead of focusing solely on Prince Charming and the happily ever after, it explores the idea of self-acceptance and inner beauty. The main character, Penelope, is born with a pig-like nose due to a family curse. This sets her apart from the typical princess image we often see in chick flicks. Her journey to embracing her uniqueness and finding love for herself is a refreshing change of pace.

“Sweet Home Alabama” (2002)

Sweet Home Alabama
Image Credit Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

“Sweet Home Alabama” is an underrated chick flick that deserves more recognition for its engaging characters, compelling love story, and the valuable lessons it teaches about love, identity, and home. It’s a feel-good movie that celebrates the idea that where you come from is an essential part of who you are and reminds us of the importance of staying true to our roots and being honest with ourselves.

“Never Been Kissed” (1999)

Never Been Kissed
Image Credit 20th Century Fox

“Never Been Kissed” skillfully blends humor, nostalgia, and heart into its endearing lead character, Josie Geller, played by Drew Barrymore. Josie is a socially awkward journalist tasked with going undercover as a high school student for a story. Her journey to fit in, gain confidence, and relive her teenage years resonates with viewers of all ages.

“The Holiday” (2006)

The Holiday
Image Credit Sony Pictures Releasing

“The Holiday” is often overlooked as just a Christmas movie, as viewers follow two women, Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz), who decide to swap homes for the Christmas holidays to escape their respective romantic troubles. Iris and Amanda are flawed and endearing, making their journeys of self-discovery and love easy for the audience to connect with. Amanda finds unexpected romance in the charming English village where she stays, while Iris discovers love in an unlikely place in Los Angeles. These dual storylines offer a delightful contrast and keep the audience engaged.

“Ella Enchanted” (2004)

Ella Enchanted
Image Credit Walt Disney Productions

“Ella Enchanted” is not just a love story; it’s a tale about friendship and overcoming adversity. Ella’s companions on her journey, including her best friend Areida and the goofy elf Slannen, showcase the importance of loyalty and standing up for what’s right. The film’s message of empowerment about breaking free from societal constraints and following your heart is powerful as it encourages young viewers to embrace their uniqueness and not be afraid to challenge their expectations.

“Love & Friendship” (2016)

Kate Beckinsale
Image credits: Depositphotos PopularImages

“Love & Friendship” stands out as a sharp and intelligent comedy movie set in a time of strict social conventions, the film follows Lady Susan Vernon, played by Kate Beckinsale, a charming but cunning widow navigating the complexities of high society. Lady Susan’s wit and clever schemes to secure advantageous marriages for herself and her daughter provide a refreshing twist on the typical romantic plot. The humor is subtle yet brilliant, making it a perfect choice for viewers looking for a chick flick with brains.

“The Jane Austen Book Club” (2007)

Emily Blunt
Image Credit Depositphotos PopularImages

“The Jane Austen Book Club” highlights the timeless themes in Jane Austen’s books, such as love, marriage, and societal expectations. These themes are still relevant today, making the film resonate with a wide audience, not just fans of Austen’s work. The characters’ discussions about Austen’s novels provide insight into their lives, allowing viewers to reflect on their relationships and choices.

“The Nanny Diaries” (2007)

The Nanny Diaries
Image Credit Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer The Weinstein Company.

The film provides a glimpse into the world of the ultra-rich on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Viewers follow Annie, a young nanny played by Scarlett Johansson, as she navigates the challenging and often absurd world of New York City’s elite. Through her eyes, the viewer witnesses the hilarious and sometimes touching antics of the wealthy families she works for. 

“Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” (2016)

Lily James and Sam Riley
Image Credit_ Depositphotos Jean_Nelson & everett225

A clever mashup and strong performances by Lily James and Sam Riley, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” doesn’t take itself too seriously. It embraces its absurd premise and injects humor into the mix, creating a lighthearted atmosphere. This makes it a fun and entertaining watch, perfect for those who enjoy a blend of romance, action, and humor in their chick flicks.

“Clueless” (1995)

Alicia Silverstone
Image Credit_ Depositphotos s_bukley

“Clueless” is often considered a teen comedy, however, The movie’s iconic fashion and cultural references have left a lasting impact on popular culture. Alicia Silverstone, who plays Cher Horowitz, stylish outfits, catchphrases, and the film’s overall aesthetic have influenced fashion trends and continue to be celebrated today. This aspect of the movie adds a timeless appeal that keeps it relevant even decades after its release.

“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” (2008)

Frances McDormand
Image Credit_ Depositphotos arp

The movie follows the adventures of Miss Guinevere Pettigrew, a downtrodden governess who stumbles into the world of high society and glamour. Frances McDormand plays the role of Miss Pettigrew with grace and humor, making her character relatable and endearing. This film offers a fresh take on the typical chick flick protagonist; Miss Pettigrew is not your typical romantic heroine, making her journey through the film all the more captivating.

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