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15 Ways To Make The Best Out Of A Breakup

Going through a breakup can be emotionally challenging, but believe it or not, it can also be a transformative experience. There are ways to make the best of this difficult situation. Most importantly, prioritize self-care and give yourself time to heal. Focus on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by engaging in activities that bring you joy, such as exercise, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones. Also, take the time to reconnect with yourself.

Hit The Gym

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One user shared, “Go to the gym. You have access to the forbidden pre-workout and all the motivation you need to make BIG physical changes!”

Be A Mess….For A Little While

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A second user said, “Eat in bed, get drunk, play video games in your underwear whenever you want, and hang out with your friends.

Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

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A third user added, “Focus on what you really value in yourself and what you brought to the relationship rather than the qualities you feel you don’t possess.”

Give Yourself Affirmations

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A poster commented, “Write yourself “love” notes, it sounds totally crazy, but affirmations really helped me and gave me the confidence I needed to get through many days. If that doesn’t work, ask someone who cares about you to write a list of your best qualities or download a daily affirmations app.”

Breakup Your Routine

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Someone said, “Try to go somewhere new once weekly or every few days. You don’t have to spend much or any money for that matter. Find a new coffee shop or a restaurant you’ve never been to. Find a new library or new park. It’ll help break up your usual routine.”

Rekindle Friendships

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A commenter stated, “A breakup is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the boys (or girls) you’ve probably neglected anyway! It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when your friends won’t let you!”

Avoid The Rebound

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A top-liked comment said, “Advice I wish I had after my last break up, don’t jump right into a new relationship. The problem is that you’ll find things you may think you like in this person, but you don’t. Then you’ll break up, or it’ll fizzle out, and you’ll be back to square one. I wish someone told me this!”

Don’t Be A Baby

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Someone harshly added, “Stop being a baby about it. Everyone always puts so much into breakups and love, and “the one” who cares, move on. Clearly, someone in the relationship wasn’t right for the other person. Stop looking at it like it was a cataclysmic life event.”

Make A Change

This poster mentioned, “Make a change, just don’t make it something drastic that you might regret later on. After my first “real” break up, I cut my hair into a style I’ve never had and colored it. After I did it, I hated it, and if you know anything about girls’ hair, when you go short and change the color, you’re stuck with it. So my advice would be to start small, get a pedicure or manicure, go try a few new outfits but make sure it’s something you can change back if you don’t like it.”

Burn After Writing

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A top-liked comment said, “Make a list of all the negative qualities your ex and your relationship had. Write them down so it’s real. When your mind eventually wanders, and you start reminiscing about all the good times you had, you’re likely forgetting to factor in the bad parts. (the petty fights, lifestyle differences, and pointless squabbles). When you feel weak and like you want to reach out to them, read it. That feeling will go away quickly!”

Stay Off Social Media

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Someone said, Delete them from social media if you haven’t already. They’re not part of your life. Shut your social down or at least limit your time on there. There’s no point in rehashing your relationship or becoming jealous of other’s relationships.”

Talk To Someone

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This person mentioned, “Go see a therapist, a friend, a family member, go to confession! Talk out what you’re feeling, don’t leave it all bottled up.”

Realize It’s Over

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A commenter posted, “The sooner you realize the relationship is over, the sooner you can start to move on. It’ll hurt like hell, but once you train your mind that they’re not coming back and you’re not going back, you can move forward.

Do It

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This user shared, “Pick something good and do it. Read, cook, a skill, exercise, a hobby. Fill your time with choices. Your life will progress, and the inputs help as well.”

Take YOUR Time

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Finally, a user said, “Take your time. Let it happen. Don’t rush out and sleep with everyone. Feel the pain. Learn from mistakes. Improve as a person and a partner, and you will attract someone better into your life. 

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