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People Share The 15 Worst Ways To Respond When Someone Says They’re Leaving You

When someone musters up the courage to say, “I’m leaving you,” the last thing they need is a dismissive or callous reply that further exacerbates the pain. One of the worst responses is the denial tactic, where the person being left refuses to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, belittling their partner’s emotions and pleading for them to stay without addressing the underlying issues. Equally damaging is the blame game, shifting all responsibility onto the departing individual, refusing to introspect or accept any role in the relationship’s deterioration. Another harmful reaction is the indifference displayed by showing no emotional reaction or concern, leaving the person who’s leaving feeling invalidated and unimportant.

Never Together Anyway

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One user said, “We were never together in the first place, so go.” What a power move that would be!”

Say Nothing, Take Action

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A second user added, “My ex helped me pack, walked me to the front porch, said goodbye, and shut the door.”

What Took So Long?

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A third user shared, “Why now? Why not 5 years ago?” If things are bad enough for you to leave, why did it take so long, finally?”

I’m Pregnant

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Someone recalled, “After I said, “We should break up.” She responded with, “I’m pregnant.” My heart dropped out of my chest. I wanted no more of this woman, and the thought that I would be stuck with her forever was scary. Fortunately, she wasn’t. She was lying. Again.”


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This person stated, “Oh no… Don’t go,… How will I live without you?…” All while continuing to do whatever it was they were doing in the first place.”

Beg & Plead

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A top-liked comment said, “I guess worst would be, “Don’t leave, I’ll change! I’ll do anything!” It’s ok to be emotional. I think that is natural but don’t beg them to stay. It’s over.”

OKAY Then…

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One user said, “An ex of mine would repeatedly say she was breaking up with me. After the first five or so times of me being willing to talk about things, I just started saying “ok then” and carried on with my day. A few hours later I’d get a string of messages along the lines of “why don’t you care about our relationship? I’m breaking up with you, and you’re not trying to stop me??” Took an embarrassingly long time for me to decide to end that one.”

Don’t Take My Things

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A poster commented, “When I told my ex (married 29 yrs) that I wanted to leave, he said, “You’re not getting my stuff.” Like dude, this is why I am leaving. You have no clue who I am. I don’t want your “stuff,” I just need to get away from your negative presence.”


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This commenter added, “If you do, I’ll ki**** myself”? I can’t even imagine the mental and emotional burden that would put on someone, whether they’re serious or not. No one should ever use that as a reply.”

No Response

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Someone shared, “Someone once ended things with me at a bad time in my life as my Dad was really sick. He told me he was ending things, so I had no response at all. I just got up and left and didn’t say a word. Then he proceeded to chase me for about 6 months to try to talk to me, and every time he tried, I’d look at him and not respond and walk away haha, that was definitely the best response I could have had.”

Help Them Pack

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This poster mentioned, “I helped my ex pack her stuff and loaded into the U-Haul truck. Then unloaded it at her new place. She wanted to maintain a “friends with benefits” but I told her “Nah, I’m good now, thanks.”

Due To An STD?

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A top-liked comment said, “Is it because I gave you an STD?” I truly think that would be the ultimate response to telling someone I’m leaving them.”


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One commenter said, “Finally! You stuck with me through so much I would have felt guilty leaving you, so instead, I just distanced myself and acted like a jackass until you finally decided enough is enough.”

Respond By Crying

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This person recalled, “The worst? Compliments of my ex, he said, “No, don’t!” and then cried. Some advice for everyone, don’t do this. They already left you a long time ago. Severe ties like adults without bul****t and move on.”


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Finally, a user shared, “Ok, understandable, have a good day.” Why fight for something that isn’t worth fighting for?”

Source: Reddit

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