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20 Signs Your Feelings May Not Be The Same As Your Partners

Relationships ebb and flow, you get to know each other, and sometimes that love doesn’t stay. Can you think of a reason that love has faded for you in the past?

Astrology Beliefs 

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One user replied, “When they let astrology run their lives and used it to justify their behavior. A person’s poor behavior shouldn’t be blamed on their astrology sign.”

Another user said, “This is my biggest complaint with astrology and today’s “be yourself” mantra. “This is just me, sorry I’m not gonna change because I’m a Scorpio” like no, Becky, you’re just a b****.”

Love Overload

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Your first crush is often someone you don’t forget. Even if you never date or see the person again. A crush can stick with you. However, sometimes you just look at your crush and realize you’re no longer interested. A question people often ask is, what made you lose interest in your crush? Here are some answers. 


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One Redditor replied, “He started teasing me with his friends and making fun of the bright pink scars I had the first time I came to school after my Burn accident.”

A second Redditor added, “I had a crush on him for at least 6 years, and I found out he made fun of me behind my back. I was a fat/chubby girl. So from a friend, I found out he didn’t like big girls.”

Getting ACTUALLY To Know Them

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A user commented, “Getting actually to know her. I fell for the image of a girl I had in my head a couple of times, only to realize that that idealized version was very far from the truth. Not their fault, though.”

Another user added. “She just wasn’t interesting to me once I got to know her better after we started dating. Just very different people, and it didn’t work out.”

A third user replied, “I was putting them on a pedestal because they seemed so unreachable at the time. as I got to know them more, I realized they were just a regular person, and if anything, kind of a loser.”

Baby Talk

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One comment was, “Baby talk is a subset of this. Please f***ng stop with the baby talk.”

Couldn’t Decide Between Friends

A Redditor wrote, “When he said he couldn’t decide who he wanted to date between my best friend and me. I introduced him to my friend when we were kind of casually seeing each other. She decided she liked him and wanted to date him too. Apparently, he liked us both so much and couldn’t decide who he wanted to be in a relationship with.”

A second Redditor added, “Tbh, I’ve been in a spot where I had 2 crushes… sucked for me and hated that phase of my life.”

A most liked comment read, “She told me she’s never loved anyone as much as she loves me and she can’t wait to spend our lives together. That was in the first four hours of knowing each other. It was just a bit too much.”

A user added, “It comes off as just wanting to be in a relationship/wanting to have sex and not genuinely interested in YOU.”

Company Policy

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One Redditor commented, “Dating coworkers is frowned upon in the company. I’d happily throw my job away for a chance, but I doubt she’d do the same since she’s in a higher-up position and probably makes good money.”

Another Redditor added, “I followed through and gave up my job, it went nowhere, and she’s currently dating the person who was my boss. You made the right decision. The lesson I took from it is that work romances are very much an outcome of circumstance.”


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A user added this comment, “They told me I wasn’t allowed to hug or kiss them in public, no public touching at all because it made him ‘look weak/whipped.’”

A second user replied, “I don’t understand this at all. As a guy, I would not at all consider a guy getting kissed or touched by his girlfriend in public “whipped.” The word I would more likely use is “lucky” lol.”

Emotional Distant

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One comment read, “​​Realizing she was emotionally distant and we could never have the relationship I fantasized about.”


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A Redditor added, “She said I was too shy and too ugly for her.”

Another Redditor replied, “I know a woman who insults men who she perceives as shy, but when I meet the dude, he’s normal. He’s just not arrogant like the guys she dates. But the arrogant dude she dates ends up being a loser every single time.”

A third Redditor said, “She said real men don’t have poodles.”


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One user added, “He cheated while playing a game. I lost interest immediately.”

A second user commented, “He lied and cheated and lied again. That cured me.”

A third user replied, “She wanted to cheat on her boyfriend with me.”


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A popular comment was, “Lack of reciprocation and also became interested someone else.”

A second comment said, “Lack of reciprocation is the one that stings the most. Not necessarily the kind where the girl isn’t interested, but the kind where the girl is interested but also just kind of awkward or anxious. As a guy who struggles with showing interest, I get it, but it also makes it extra hard for me to flirt when it feels like the girl is putting up a wall. Then when things inevitably fizzle out I just feel drained and frustrated.”

New Crush

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One Redditor said, “I had a crush on this girl in an art class but ended up liking someone else that rejected me later on. She has already moved on, and we were great friends. Beat myself up every day about it.”

Bad Habits

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A user replied, “Smoking cigarettes. Relying on weed or alcohol to make it through the day (not like a little for anxiety or whatever, I mean like doing dabs and getting high just to be high). Doing either of those, especially while having children.”

Another user added. “The instant she pulled out a cigarette, fired it up, and began smoking.”

A third user commented, “She started vaping, then it turned into smoking, and now she is missing 30% of her teeth.”


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Another comment said, “He started talking. He was so full of himself.”

A similar comment was, “He was very cocky and also asked me to start an Only***s with him the first day we met.”


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A Redditor replied, “They were good-looking and nice-natured but not very smart. Holding a conversation with them became tedious after a while.”

A second Redditor added, “Finding out he was downright stupid and proud of it.”

Too Religious

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One user replied, “When I found out that she was pro-life as a devout Christian. I think about her on occasion, but the feelings are long gone now.”

Another user added, “Found out they were like WAY too hardcore religious. I’m atheist, but I don’t generally mind people of faith as long as it’s not too overbearing/their entire personality, and in this case, that’s more or less what it was….”


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One comment was, “I realized whenever we talk, she never really pays much attention to my own life. She’s pretty self-centered and egotistical, if I’m being honest. I still like her. Still, prob would date her. But I’m not putting in much effort anymore.”

Another comment read, “Being friends on Facebook and realizing that I would never be able to stand her bouts of spouting deep wisdom about the nature of lesser people that the rest of us needed to hear.”

Didn’t Text 

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A user replied, “They only texted me first twice the entire time I knew them. When I realized this, it was over.”

A second user added, “We’d be texting and at a certain point every time she’d just heart react my message and ghost me for hours. It got to the point where she’d text me, “Hey,” I’d say it back, she’d like the message, and that was it.”

Change of Looks

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One Redditor commented, “I had a crush on a girl from the first day of high school. It evaporated during the senior ball. Why? She showed up to the dance, having cut her hair, and it didn’t look great. She cut her hair. Poof. Four years of pining. Done. I was such a dork.”

Another Redditor replied, “She began identifying as a man and goes by Calvin now.”

Source: Reddit

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