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Love’s Unusual Allure: 20 Strange Things People Are Very Attracted To

There are some things some people find attractive, but others don’t. You may also be attracted to some unusual things that others find weird or a turnoff. But that doesn’t mean you need to change your tastes and views. What is the most unusual thing you find attractive?


Woman holding her head
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One Redditor simply said, “Seeing someone flustered is the best.”

Another Redditor added, “My favorite hobby with my girl; she’s naturally introverted so when I unexpectedly hit on her or hint at smexy stuff, she gets red and looks away and smiles nervously.”

Women on Bicycles

Women on Bicycles two women riding bikes at the beach
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An interesting comment read, “Watching a woman confidently ride a bicycle through city rush hour traffic.”

Another comet was, “I honestly fall in love on half the summer mornings in London for this reason.”

Standing Positions

Standing Positions woman standing in tree pose at the park
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A user commented, “When a girl stands with one foot tilted on its side.”

Another user replied, “I have always had a habit of doing this, and now my ankles are weak as ****, and I roll them all the time.”

Sick Voice 

Sick Voice woman talking on the phone looking at thermometer looking sick
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One person added, “Someone’s sick voice, lol.”

Another person responded, “I called in sick to work once, and a co-worker said “oh, you sound kinda hot now” lol.”

Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud man reading to woman in the library
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A Redditor wrote, “This is super specific, but one of my exes used to very quietly read aloud to himself any time he was studying, and I could have listened to that for hours.”

A second Redditor added, “I’m totally with you on this. Listening to someone you find hot muttering quietly while they’re concentrating on something is something that gets me wobbly. Nice to know someone else likes this as well.”


Ears woman smiling on bike with hair down
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A popular comment was, “When you can see a bit of her ear poking through her hair. It just gets me.”

Another user replied to the above comment with, “It makes a person look like a fantasy creature. Pretty sure I’m attracted to this as well, lol.”


Sex a woman and mans hands clasped together in bed
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One Redditor wrote, “I have always been fascinated by people’s hands, not in an exclusively in a sensual way, but in a strange manner where I feel like someone’s hands tell so much about a person.”

Another Redditor added, “Same! There’s something about having a high level of manual dexterity that gets me all stupid. I could watch a skilled artisan meticulously work on something for hours.”

Silly Voice 

Happy couple hugging and laughing
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A user replied, “I love it when I say something in a silly voice, and the girl replies in the exact same silly voice.”

A second user responded with, “Or when they mock the way you said something but in an overly dramatic way. I get a good laugh on that all the time.”

Man’s Morning Voice 

Man’s Morning Voice couple laying in bed smiling at each other
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A giddy user replied, “A man’s voice when they first wake up!”

Another user added, “Deep voices are my kryptonite. I have a friend who isn’t my type at all, but when I hear him on the phone, I melt.”


Ankles womans bare feet and lower legs standing on smooth rocks
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One user admitted, “When men turn up their jeans and you get a glimpse of bare ankle.”


Teaching man teaching woman to play guitar
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A user stated, “When someone can teach me a topic. Doesn’t matter what it is, if they are passionate and knowledgeable it’s really really attractive.”


Undressing man looking forward and taking off his shirt
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A Redditor said, “Watching my husband take off his belt. Dunno but it’s smexy AF.”

Another Redditor said, “Is it weird that I’ve always felt attractive doing that?”

Facial Features

Smile woman smiling with hands under chin curly red hair
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One Redditor mentioned, “Love a prominent nose, zero explanation why.”

A second Redditor said this, “Aquiline noses are top notch.”

Being Silly

Man ready to party. Wearing a beer drinking hat, crooked sun glasses and giving two thumbs up
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One user said, “Goofiness. If a girl is goofy I just love it.”

To which another agreed, “Dudeee sameeee!!! Goofy girls are the best I swear.”


Thick Thighs beautiful woman in black bathing suit
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One Redditor added, “The concave dips at the sides of my wife’s hips. I have known her for almost 19 years, but she has only recently understood that I like them.”

To which another user confirmed, “Hip dips are hot af and it’s a crime that the media makes people insecure about them.”

Work Wear

Simple Conversations: Happy couple talking and sitting together.
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A Redditor said, “I work in Boston sometimes and seeing a woman in business wear and sneakers is something I’ve always liked.”

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes woman laying on her arms at a table looking happy and tired
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One user said, “Tired looking eyes on ladies. dark circles, bags whatever.

To which another user hilariously responded, “I knew my insomnia would come in handy.”

Fresh Face

Freckles woman with freckles
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One user replied, “I think a woman with no makeup at all in the morning is super attractive. I do not think my girlfriend believes me. 😅”

To which another user agreed, “Dude, first thing in the morning, bare-faced with bedhead when she’s first waking up? Ughhhhhh I totally get you.”

Being Focused

Being Focused woman working at computer in an office
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A Redditor said, “I feel like a person really focused while working is very attractive.”

To which another Redditor replied, “When the person I like is focused and working, thats when I want to bother them most.”


Physical Health fit woman fixing hair
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One user said, “Girls with really developed rear delt and lat muscles. Something about a strong back is super attractive to me for some reason.”

A second user added, “When a guy has some muscles but also is thick, like both fat and some muscles.”
Redditors found plenty of unusual things they are attracted too. Do you have some weird traits you’re attracted too?

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