How is the Current 2022 Scorpio Season Impacting Your Zodiac Sign?

What exactly are the astrological seasons? 

It takes about 30 days for the Sun to cross a zodiac sign, each with different qualities, lessons, and opportunities.

On October 23rd, 2022, the Sun entered the emotionally deep sign of Scorpio, taking our inner psychological processes to the next level.

The Scorpio season encourages us to stop dabbling in the surface, do our shadow work, face our most intense emotions, and heal our long-lasting wounds.

However, this Scorpio season comes packed with major planetary movements, including the continuation of the eclipse season!

Read on and learn about the Scorpio season and how it affects your zodiac sign.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Its ruling planets are aggressive Mars and transformative Pluto, one of the most intense planets in the galaxy.

This zodiac sign represents our shadow selves or dark side, the aspects of our identity we usually conceal from our public life.

This fixed sign has deep emotions that range from love, passion, and compassion, to rage, fear, despair, and excitement.

However, the Scorpio energy is incredibly reserved. These natives never expose their intense energy outwardly or defy the status quo. They prefer to reveal their softer side to society as they perform their best work behind the scenes.

People with scorpionic energy have a supreme personal power and will that manifest in their professional lives. They strive to control others as much as they try to control themselves, getting an adrenaline rush when they overcome personal boundaries.

However, such a need for control hides a dark secret. The Scorpio shadow side is full of taboo subjects that would make anyone’s hair stand on end.

That’s why Scorpios don’t shy away from scary stories or painful scenarios. They can break through rough patches and emerge more powerful afterward.

These individuals are also loyal and devoted companions, adept at passionate sex, and aiming to live happily ever after with the love of their life.

Nevertheless, this zodiac sign expects to receive the same kind of treatment they give to others. 

If any of their loved ones dare to wrong them, it will be hard for Scorpios to forgive them. They are spiteful and distrustful, so it will be better not to give them reasons to upset them!

On the bright side, Scorpio natives help others overcome difficult and painful processes. They teach them that vital energy does not run out in the face of crises! It regenerates and transforms itself into a more potent quality!

Important Planetary Movements

The season of the Scorpion comes with many other critical astrological events. On October 23rd, 2022, the Sun entered this emotionally intense zodiac sign together with Venus, the planet of love and wealth.

Therefore, our sense of worth and relationships go through a deep depurative process. Our interactions became more intimate while we allowed ourselves to dive deep into the depths of our emotions in a safe space.

On October 25th, we had the new moon solar eclipse in this same zodiac sign, an excellent time to start a new chapter free of any lingering grudges and toxic alliances. 

The planetary arrangement is offering us a second chance! However, we must be willing to let go of the experiences and relationships that don’t foster our spiritual evolution.

Before Halloween night, on October 30th, Mars went retrograde, the planet of action and drive. This transit is making these following weeks slower. The end of October brought a few obstacles in executing our creative projects, but it also came with a valuable lesson!

Instead of rushing into things impulsively, it’s best to take a break and see what new opportunities might emerge next year. Now, relax and take a break! We can ground ourselves in the present and savor life as it is.

On November 8th, we’ll have the Total Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon Eclipse. This powerful event takes place in the practical sign of Taurus, threatening our emotional and financial stability.

A profound change is happening within us, and our life experiences are trying to keep up with it! 

We are moving up through our spiritual journey, and we must stop clinging to experiences that no longer align with us. 

It’s difficult to venture outside our comfort zone and jump into the void. However, it’s worst to keep putting our vital energy into a project or relationship that is not making us happy!

How Does the Scorpio Season Affect each Zodiac Sign


Aries, Scorpio season affects the most emotional and intense area of your natal chart (as if this zodiac sign is not fierce enough!). 

You are an independent individual who usually takes care of your challenges head-on without wasting time. 

However, this attitude also conceals a fear of lingering in discomforting conditions. The Scorpio Season asks you to slow down for a few seconds and allow yourself to feel the discomfort and pain that your experiences bring.

It may not be easy at first, but it will make the people around you realize that you are up to the task and are not going anywhere.


The Scorpio Season sheds light on your romantic relationships, Taurus. You are probably going through a crisis, but this should not be a cause for concern! 

You are changing your outlook on life and your relationships, perhaps because you now value yourself more or because you are tired of an obsolete dynamic.

Either way, something will change in your love life and lead you to a more fulfilling outcome! If your partner or date doesn’t agree with your new rules, let them go. 

Focus on the people and experiences that genuinely value the immensity of your heart and soul!


Gemini, You are an easy-going and flexible person who goes with the flow of life without planning your days too carefully. 

However, the Scorpio Season brings profound changes to your daily routine. Your habits impact your health and social life, even if it’s not apparent to the naked eye. 

If you keep eating takeout daily, forgetting to drink water, and spending hours in front of the computer without a break, your health will deteriorate over time.

Eclipses can bring a surprise event in this area of your life, but it’s nothing to worry about! It’s a little wake-up call for you to put the focus on your daily choices and get rid of the bad habits that hinder your spiritual evolution.

It can also refer to other habits, such as procrastination, unpunctuality, insincerity, and the like.


Cancer, the Scorpio Season impacts your House of Creativity and Passion, bringing profound transformations and surprises in this area of your life!

It’s time to release your inner child and stop putting all your energy into work commitments, family responsibilities, and emotional burdens.

Instead of wasting valuable time on activities that do not make you happy, ask yourself what you are passionate about.

Without realizing it, we choose paths to please other people or even society’s expectations! So, while we think we are doing the right thing, our heart slowly withers, and we lose the ability to enjoy the present.

But it’s time to be more spontaneous, Cancer! Take up a new hobby, make friends with different people, visit places you don’t know, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Remember that life is too short to be pleasing anyone but your heart.

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Is there a bit of chaos and emotional turmoil at home, Leo? The Scorpio Season is putting all its emotional intensity into your family zone, bringing shocks, changes, and new opportunities in this area.

You are an independent individual who constantly strives to set yourself apart from your family to make your mark on the world. However, you should remember them!

Instead of ignoring that this side of your life exists, it is better to face your demons and tell your family how you feel, regardless of their reaction. 

They may not understand you, or it may be hard for them to listen to you, but you will feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders! Choose to be the grown-up person and close the chapters that are still troubling you today. 

You are evolving, and your future looks bright and promising! Close the cycles of the past to move on with a lighter backpack.


Have you noticed how your words impact others, Virgo? If you haven’t, you may begin to catch on to it during the Scorpio Season as it hits your House of Communication and Mental Processes. 

Hearing the truth is not always a pleasant experience, but there are ways to convey it so as not to generate so much pain.

These eclipses motivate you to dive deep and uncover the truths others are afraid to reveal. But once you do, Virgo, don’t become detached from your emotions!

Keep your empathy high, and remember that the person receiving that information has feelings, hopes, and fears, just like you.


Libra, the Scorpio Season impacts your money and self-worth zone, bringing numerous transformations in this area of your life.

Now, more than ever, you realize that your self-worth is primarily responsible for your financial success. If you don’t value your talents, studies, and skills, how can you expect others to do the same?

Libra, you have everything you need to be successful in your work life. You have the intelligence, charisma, and social skills to get a loyal clientele on board with your products!

Let go of your insecurities and go for more! Ask for a raise, open a new business, or start working on what you are genuinely passionate about! 

Take advantage of Scorpio’s powerful energy to surprise yourself with your true potential.


Happy Birthday, Scorpio! This is your season, which means all eyes are on you. Eclipse season directly affects your identity, transforming the way you present yourself to the world.

This is an excellent time for a makeover. Your external changes reflect your personal and spiritual evolution, Scorpio.

Get a haircut, change your wardrobe, wear different makeup… be creative! If you usually wear dark and covered-up clothes, dare to wear bright colors and show a little skin!

As a Scorpio, you have sensual and magnetic energy eager to come out! Take advantage of your season to take center stage.

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The Scorpio Season impacts your Spiritual Zone, Sagittarius, inviting you to step out of the public eye and spend some time alone.

Expect to feel more reflective than usual. Your festive and outgoing spirit will take a break to refocus on your spiritual journey.

If you have long neglected your inner life, this season may be particularly intense. Many questions and answers will appear in your consciousness, inviting you to change your outlook on life.

After these weeks, you will not be the same person. However, it is good that this is so. You will now be more patient, compassionate, and committed to your inner calling. Make the most of this opportunity!


Your friends and social circles will be in the spotlight during Scorpio Season! Planetary movements ask you to be less polite with the people around you and show your vulnerabilities.

Have you noticed that you are supportive of your friends but unable to ask for help when you need it? This dynamic must change, Capricorn, but you need to let go of your social masks and become more authentic.

Your relationships will become richer, more fulfilling, and more rewarding once you drop your insecurities. Get off the surface and dive into the depths of emotions! You won’t regret it.


Dear Aquarius, your professional life is taking an unexpected turn this Scorpio Season. You have the opportunity to move up the ladder and have more influence in your work, which you may not have expected.

But don’t be afraid of losing your freedom just because you now have more responsibilities! Advancing in your career is an incredible accomplishment, and you can set limits to keep your work-life balance intact.

In short, don’t miss out on good opportunities just because you are afraid to change your lifestyle. You are not going to lose your lifestyle! You will gain much better activities, relationships, and experiences.


Pisces, your worldview and outlook on life is transforming so radically that it is hard to keep up with it!

When our beliefs change, our reality becomes more expansive. Let go of imposed preconceptions and outdated biases and embrace life with an open mind!

Expect an optimistic and empowering feeling after going through these eclipses, Pisces. Don’t cling to beliefs that don’t foster your spiritual growth and explore the world with new eyes.

I hope this post sheds some light on what’s been happening during this eclipse season and helps you navigate through it with a little more knowledge and understanding.

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