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Secrets, Secrets: The Things Women Hide From Family And Society About Their Bodies

Females don’t frequently share the little details of the pain their bodies go through regularly. From self-care routines to their menstrual cycles and everything else in between, these secrets look at the deep vulnerability and challenges many girls face when navigating societal and familial expectations placed upon them. 

Size Selection

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One Redditor shared, “Selecting the right tampon is a gamble every time. Too small for the flow, and you can feel it trying to fall out as you walk because it’s heavy. Too big for the flow, and you’ll be faced with pulling out a partially dry one. Oh, so painful.”

Sudden Cramps

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A second Redditor added, “Sometimes you get that awful sudden cramp during your period when you can’t sit nor bend or stand straight because any movement feels like your ovaries are about to burst. So you just stay there in an awkward position, not really standing, not sitting, until it goes away just as suddenly.”

Long Hair

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A third Redditor commented, “If you have long hair, you will def be pulling hair out of your buttcrack after you shower.”


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This Redditor mentioned, “Our flowers are so acidic they can bleach underwear. Girls who own black panties will know what I’m talking about.”

Olympic Sports

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A user shared, “Shaving the hair off our bodies is like an Olympic sport. Pooping and being on your period is a different level of pain.”

The End

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A Redditor mentioned, “No clue when our periods end, we often just kinda go, “F****k it, I’m done with this,” and decide it’s done when it’s about to end. Also, period panties-”

Random Pain

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This user said, “We sometimes get a random pain in the boob and wonder if we’re gonna get a heart attack.”


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One user shared, “Pulling up our underwear after using the restroom is the worst because discharge on your underwear will “cool down,” and it’s a really cold/uncomfortable feeling putting it back on.”


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A top-liked comment said, “There is an insatiable type of hornyness that some women get pre-menstrual cycle that is almost always impossible to satisfy. And then, like the wind, it vanishes, and in its place is a hungry, cute, sometimes cuddly, sometimes grumpy couch potato.”

Menstrual Cycle

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A user commented, “Period blood isn’t just blood. It’s all sorts of claggy crap from your uterus clearing itself out.”

Shave Time

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One Redditor added, “The longer the shower, the more shaving was done.”

The Woosh

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This Redditor said, “You know when you see a woman with a ponytail walking, and that ponytail is just swinging aggressively back and forth? Yeah, she’s doing that on purpose. We CAN walk normally so that the ponytail doesn’t swing as much… But we don’t. Because it’s fun when ponytails go “woosh” “woosh”


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A top-liked comment said, “Dogs love to smell our crotches when we’re menstruating. It’s………extremely uncomfortable.”

The Shuffle

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A user divulged, “If I’m doing an awkward shuffle, I’m probably trying to get an air bubble out of my flower.”


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A Redditor commented, “The panic when we believe we’ve either peed ourselves or have just started our period and run to the toilet only to realize it was discharge.”

Toe Hair

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A poster said, “Some of us shave our toe hairs. Some of us don’t deal with it and move on.”

Mood Swings

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A top-liked comment said, “We’re not making it up or being dramatic when we get mood swings during or right before our periods. Trust me; we hate it too. It sucks not feeling like you can control your emotions.”


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This user added, “Mammograms are a hurtful torture device. Especially when you’re on your period and your boobs already hurt like hell. They need to invent some other way.  My stomach knots up every time I’m in the waiting room.”

Greater Than

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A user commented, “Sometimes greater than 20% of shower time might be spent untangling hair from our fingers so we can move on to the next step. Factors can include the length of hair and time since the last wash.”

Not Just For Men

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “Hair above the lip isn’t just for men! We dark-haired girls know the struggle.”

Source: Reddit

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