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Husbands Reveal These 15 Home Style Transformations That Happen When Dating Women

When it comes to home decoration, the feminine touch adds a unique essence to any living space. With their attention to detail and imaginative vision, women possess an innate talent for turning a simple house into a cozy and welcoming sanctuary. Their ability to incorporate personalized elements like artwork, decorative pillows, and carefully selected trinkets infuses each room with personality and charm. These men share what they found when a woman came into their lives.


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A poster shared, “So many blankets, throw pillows, and comfortable seating everywhere. I’m not saying I hate it, but it takes like 20 minutes to make the bed.”

House Plants

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A second poster added, “I’ve always liked cacti and succulents, probably because they were satisfying and easy to keep alive. Enter my girlfriend who is “obsessed” with plants. I do not live with her, but since getting together, all of a sudden, I have multiple non-succulent plants I never planned on getting.”

House Was A Home

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A third poster said, “My house is very plain. My ex had it looking like a home. Decor/rugs/wall hangings etc etc. It was 10x better. She took it all when she left, and I never got around to trying it out myself. I should, though. It really looked so much better.”

A Woman’s Touch

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This user recalled,” I worked on a ship when a female cook/steward started working there. Prior to her, the crew was all male. Within a couple of days, the mess hall and galley were transformed. Tablecloths, curtains, coasters, it was really all new. The galley became a water-cooler kind of place where you could always go to have a chat and get a snack. The galley always smelled of cooking. It was a real game changer from the former grumpy guy and sterile setting.”

Instant Upgrade

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A top-liked comment said, “I had this fantastic particleboard box that I used as an end table next to my couch. My girlfriend replaced my box with an actual end table. Unnecessarily.”


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Someone added, “I came home once from work. She’d made an awesome dinner. Put cut-up strawberries in the salad. Strawberries! It was game over. We’ve been married nine years now, and she’s still doing everything on a strawberries-in-the-salad level.”

Quality Of Life

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One user said, “Before my wife moved in (girlfriend at the time), I lived with a friend, and our flat looked pretty bad, more like a university student flat than anything else—zero decorations, old furniture from the landlord, horrible cream-colored walls, etc. Since we were always at work and barely home, it was not a problem for us. Once she moved in, we slowly started making it into a real home. We painted the walls, bought furniture, plants, hung some photos, bought a cat, etc. It made such a huge difference and improved our quality of life.”

The Smell

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A poster commented, “The million shampoo bottles and all the seasonings. It smells like heaven after she showers, and the kitchen is like a five-star restaurant after she cooks. It’s unbelievably awesome!”

A Place Of Their Own

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This commenter shared, “Before she moved in, I kept power tools and nails/screws in my kitchen. Now they have their own place, and it’s not in the kitchen.”

Bless Her

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A top-liked comment said, “Pictures, curtains, cushions. Little tables to put your drinks on. Coasters! So much stuff. Bless her.”


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This user recalled, “My messy, unorganized, and leftover food-riddled fridge turned into a very clean and organized refrigerator.”

Scent Bakery

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One person shared, “She always gets vanilla candles, and now this house always smells like a bakery, and DANGIT, I LOVE IT.”


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A poster added, “As a bachelor, I got whatever orange-looking cheapo bottle of soap I could get. My girlfriend, now wife, moves in and loads up on bakery-scented hand soaps in the bathrooms. One day, when I got home, I told her we had to have a serious adult discussion- what scent to pick out next? To this day, “serious adult discussion” is code for “out of soap, what should we use next?”

A Happy Home

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This user stated, “A warmth and happiness I didn’t know I was missing and CERTAINLY didn’t know how to cultivate. Art, glassware style unity, refrigerator organization, multiple sets of sheets… The list goes on. A million little touches that compile a happy home.”


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Finally, a user said, “Hair literally everywhere It keeps mysteriously appearing…. everywhere. My place was already well decorated, and I didn’t need a “woman’s touch”, so all I got was hair.”

Men who once lived alone and then had a woman move in share their experiences of making their living space an actual home. Many of the male posters were excited by their woman’s intuitive sense of aesthetics when it came to various color patterns, textures, and furniture arrangements that created a happy and visually pleasing atmosphere. It seemed that many of their favorite additions were the scented soaps and candles that bought freshness to their living space. A common theme among these male posters was how the women in their lives created a space that reflected a unique style and a more comfortable environment for them.

Source: Reddit

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