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10 Wacky and Fun Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break Your Wallet

At-home date nights provide the perfect opportunity for couples to spend quality time together without leaving the comfort of their own home. With a little creativity, couples can plan fun and romantic activities that will strengthen their bond and create lasting memories. Whether it’s cooking a meal together, playing board games, or watching a movie, there are endless possibilities for at-home date nights that can be tailored to suit each couple’s interests and preferences.

Build A Fort

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One Redditor said, “Make a fort with blankets and sheets and pillows together. It’ll be the most fun you’ve had in a long time. Take some food and alcohol into the fort as well!”

Game Nights

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A second Redditor added, “(Video) Gaming night. Alternatively, building something night. Build anything out of anything. Legos are our go-to!”

Dinner & A Movie

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This Redditor shared, “Board games or card games! Also – Dinner and a movie – but enjoy the time and make the dinner last an entire movie.”

Smexy Time

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A user commented, “A smexy home date alternative and/or cold/rainy alternative, wear the best undies/ lingerie you own and make a charcuterie plate together, eat and watch cooking shows and be grossly horny for each other for a while. It’s goofy and smexy.”

Vacation Plans

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This user said, “We plan vacations together. I look for top-rated places, and then he looks for prices that fit our budget.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I like to make a little house out of a pillow. Take a notebook, sweets and wine there. Any girl would appreciate it.”

Grill & Chill

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This Redditor added, “My husband and I like to grill together, eat & then watch cooking shows together. It’s simple but a great way to bond.”

Self-Care Dates

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A user mentioned, “Self-care date, have cheese, crackers, and olives! Add some face masks and cucumbers for the eyes! Bring out the sparkling water and peach lemonade. It’s party time!” 

Edibles & Paint

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This Redditor shared, “Get some edibles and paint along with Bob Ross. It’s really fun. My wife and I only do this a few times a year, but it’s an enjoyable, easy date night.”

Dinner Themes

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A Redditor added, “Make a themed dinner together to accompany a themed movie double feature.” For example, the last movie we did was The Great Gatsby. We made “high-brow” food, listened to music from the roaring twenties, and then watched the movie while we ate.”

Playful Competition

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A user shared, “Go with date nights that are playful but can turn sensual, like see who can shove more marshmallows into their mouth or competitive lap dances.”

Taco Night

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One Redditor stated, “Taco table nights, we put tin foil on the dining room table and make a bunch of Mexican-style food and turn the table into a little buffet!”

Backyard Camping

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This user added, “We do “camping” in the backyard, it is simple, easy, and if someone needs to use the bathroom, it’s no problem. Laying in our yard staring up at the sky and just reconnecting is awesome!”

Lights Out

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A Redditor shared, “We love to pretend the power has gone out, no lights, no phones, nothing. We order food and just enjoy each other’s company! It’s really invigorating!”

Tasting Party

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “One of our favorite staying-in date night ideas is to have a tasting party. Pick a theme: alcohol, ice cream, chocolate, fruit, whatever, and lay out a bunch of different options. We make “tasting stations” around the kitchen, dining room, and living room area, then just mingle with each other.”

Redditors have proven to be a treasure trove of creative and exciting date night ideas. From romantic candlelit dinners to adventurous outdoor activities, the suggestions shared by them offer a plethora of options to spice up your time together. Whether you’re looking for low-cost ideas or unique experiences. Grab your loved one and embark on a fantastic date night adventure!

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