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Attraction 101: Men Dish on the Traits that Make Girls Attractive

When it comes to attraction, for many people, physical appearance is often the first thing that we look for. However, it’s important to recognize that there are many other traits that can make a girl attractive or impressive, beyond just her looks. Other attractive qualities like intelligence, confidence, sense of humor, kindness, empathy, and ambition are also important things to look for in a potential mate. In fact, many people find that these non-physical traits are more important than physical appearance in forming a deep and meaningful connection with someone.


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One Redditor said, “My wife’s laughs are literally everything. Sometimes she watches a show on her laptop in our room and I hear her cracking up from down the hall. Absolutely love it.”


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A Redditor shared, “Accountability. If she can openly admit when she’s wrong or that she messed up that’s attractive as it shows maturity and ability to judge yourself impartially and it means you are less likely to repeat the mistake. This also means what you feel for her is not only love, it’s respect, which is just as important.”


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This user had this to say, “For me, the sexiest thing a woman can do is be calm – not calm as in quiet, as in calm when things goes sideways or something unexpected happens. Having someone who is reliable and stable as a partner is so crucial in life.”


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A top liked comment said, “Having a hobby/interest that they are very knowledgeable/passionate about. Even if it’s something super benign like painting nails or baseball, I just love people who can ramble on about their interest- especially if I’m not into it, it’s like peaking into another world.”

Thought Process

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A Redditor replied, “Critical thinking skills are hot!”

A second Redditor added, “Problem solving skills are pretty damn important.”


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One Redditor added, “I find a woman’s voice to be one of the best factors in determining if I’m attracted to a woman.”


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A user said, “Intelligence.  Good looks only go so far when you realize she doesn’t even know basic life skills.”

No Phones

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This Redditor shared, “Went on a date last week and the woman never took her phone out of her purse.  Super hot!”


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This top liked comment said, “How they treat themselves (self care), how they treat others (friendships), how they work with others (collaboration), what they enjoy learning (curiosity), and  what they enjoy doing (creativity)”

Listening Skills

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A Redditor mentioned, “The ability to listen. To REALLY listen.”

Must Love Dogs

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A user had this to say, “Being pet-friendly is a big plus.”

Another user added, “I have a dog and a fish. Must be willing to at least pet one. Preferably the dog.”

Sharing Interests

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A Redditor had this to say, “I love that my wife enjoys hiking, it gets me out of the house. I love that we have similar interests.”


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A top liked comment mentioned, “Being self-sufficient. I don’t want to date a dependent.”

One funny comment was, “Must be able to cook an egg, spaghetti, and at least one side alone.”

Musically Inclined

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A user commented, “A bit of a simple one here, but I love when a girl can sing. My wife claims she can’t can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but when she sings it’s beautiful to my ears. When we have a couple drinks I’ll get my guitar out and can occasionally convince her to sing a few songs with me. It’s one of my favorite things we do.”

Bring Something To The Table

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A Redditor also said, “The same traits I look for in a best friend. General vibe needs to be on point. Thoughtful, kind, sassy. I’m perfectly happy being single, so my partner needs to add to my life and make our time together more valuable than my time alone.”

Matching Humor

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This Redditor said, “If she’s got a dark sense of humor.”

A second Redditor added, “She’s got to match my humor, or at least like joke.”

Complimenting Styles

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A popular comment that was shared was, “Someone with equivalent levels of apathy and laziness, but about areas of life that compliment my own apathy and laziness.”

Being Optimistic

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A Redditor said, “Optimism I’m a bit of a pessimist at times. I fall into nihilistic thinking a lot. Good to have someone who can look at our future, with a positive light.”

Be Adventurous

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This user said, “Adventurous – Being willing to put yourself at risk of humiliation, danger, or failure when encountering new activities is attractive.”


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Finally a Redditor said, “When I dated my ex, the one thing that constantly made me fall in love with her was just her ability to just get excited to talk about anything. I loved seeing her just get excited about either the littlest things or whatever was on her mind and just talk away.”
See, there is more to being attractive than just your appearance. Redditors agree the traits above count a little extra.

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