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The Top 20 Advantages And Opportunities Of The Physically Beautiful

Attractiveness is subject to individual opinion and can change from person to person. What one person may think to be attractive, another may cringe at. That said, societal standards tend to dictate and give the perception that attractive people have advantages that less attractive people do not. 

Cheat Codes

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One Redditor shared, “Anyone can ask, but attractive people are much more likely to get help from strangers. It’s just a sad little twisted fact of life.”

Good Tips

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A second Redditor said, “Attractive people can get good tips as a waitress/waiter without REALLY trying.”

Pay For Nothing

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This Redditor added, “Go out broke and come home drunk. Ugly people go home broke and drunk.”

Reject Others

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A user recalled, “I’ve had one of my friends get rejected because the girl found the best friend of that guy (me) to be too ugly. My friend got rejected because I’M UGLY.”

Easy Work

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This user said, “Singer/artists, even though looks have nothing to do with talent. Makes me wonder how many amazing voices are not being heard because the record company’s old fat dudes don’t think the artist is hot.”

Get Help

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A Redditor commented, “People will go completely out of their way to do things for them. Moving? Did something break? Card declined? Someone will help them.”

Get Out Of Trouble

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A top-liked comment said, “Attractive people can get out of prison for a felony, immediately get a modeling contract, and start dating an heiress.”

Get Jobs

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A user stated, “Work at Abercrombie and Fitch. The owner literally said they don’t hire ugly people.”

Have Options

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One Redditor added, “Always having dating options. Not actively seeking out potential partners. Potential partners seek them out.”

Best Options

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This user shared, “My bestie is very attractive but a total homebody that hates social media and (most) people. She was single for a few months until she got into a new relationship with her new boyfriend, who happens to be good-looking, kind, and a millionaire. How did she meet him? He saw her walking her dog regularly and asked her out.”

Free S*X

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One Redditor commented, “A girl drove 3 hours to have s****x with my roommate. They never really spoke or even met in person before this. Blew my mind.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Flirt without cringe and/or backlash. I have seen less attractive try to flirt or even engage in conversation only to be brushed off or laughed at behind their back.”


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One poster said, “I dated an extremely attractive, charismatic man once. It was genuinely scary what he could pull off. He could definitely be a cult leader. When I go on dates, if I see their charisma manipulating situations, it’s an instant no.”

Great Service

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This user added, “Attractive people receive the fastest service from bartenders. Cut lines. Have prospective employers “see potential” and attain jobs without being totally qualified.”

Can’t Hide

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A user commented, “I’m guessing they (attractive people) can’t melt unseen into a crowd like a less attractive person can. Being invisible is my secret power.”

Be Social

A top-liked comment said, “Talk to new people in public, particularly at bars and the like. I have been fit, and I have been fat. Fit me talked to whomever, whenever, without incident, and generally with good results. Fat me doing the same equaled tense body language and awkward, stunted interactions.”

No Effort

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This user added, “Get into a conversation without much effort. If an unattractive person is at a venue and doesn’t know anybody, it can be a lonely experience. If you are attractive, people will try to make conversation with you all the time. I know plenty of attractive people who are not at all interesting but have many friends because everyone wants a good-looking person around them.”

Dress Poorly

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A user stated, “Dressing bad. Attractive people can wear literal rags and look go. Ugly people must dress to the nines to have a chance and/or fit in.”

Be Dull And Boring

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One Redditor said, “Attractive people can have dull and boring personalities, and people will still chat them up and pursue them just because they look good as arm candy.”

Double Standards

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Finally, a Redditor said, “I consider myself and have been told I’m an attractive person, and I’ve noticed that people are more patient with my stutter. My sister’s boyfriend is… not conventionally attractive, and he stutters too. Most people just outright ignore him. Pisses me off that double standard exists.”

Source: Reddit

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