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Biggest Turn-Offs: Men & Women Share Their Biggest Turn-Offs In Potential Romantic Partners

Men and women have their own unique set of turn-offs when it comes to romantic or interpersonal relationships. For men, some of the biggest turn-offs may include excessive neediness, lack of ambition or drive, constant negativity, and poor hygiene. As for women, turn-offs may include arrogance, dishonesty, poor communication skills, and lack of emotional intelligence.

Rude & Inconsiderate

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One poster shared, “Rudeness and/or being inconsiderate. A huge turn-off for me. It’s not hard to be nice.”

Treatment Of Others

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A second poster added, “Treating others as servants or less than humans. Especially people in the service industry.”

Creating Drama

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A third poster said, “Creating drama and enjoying, amplifying, reveling in, and telling me all about it.”

Social Media Addiction

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This user stated, “If social media is really important to them. Marriages have been ruined because of this simple fact, including mine.”

Overly Demanding

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A person added, “Being hyper-demanding of servers, staff, etc., with every little accommodation and having an attitude with them for no reason.  You aren’t coming off as sophisticated and discerning. You’re coming off as an obnoxious a**.”

Kindness Is Hotness

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Someone said, “Being a bad person. To me, kindness is linked to hotness, so I can only find someone hot if they’re nice or kind to me.”

Narcissistic Behavior

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This user shared, “Narcissism. Modern-day Instagram ‘models’ are so unbelievably narcissistic. I dated one a few months back, and my god, she was the most shallow narcissistic person I’ve met.”

Starting Fights

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A user stated, “Finding out they are socially violent. Especially unnecessarily, for example, starting fights in public places just to be a tough guy/girl.”


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This poster recalled, “I’ve dated a handful of entitled women. They’re the worst. Entitlement should not be a badge that is proudly worn.”


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A commenter said, “When she’s stubborn, but not a little stubborn like we all are, but rather the kind of stubborn where no matter what you suggest and the context, she just doesn’t want to listen.”

Mentally/Emotionally Abusive

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One user shared, “When they’re emotionally/socially abusive. I used to date a girl who would cry unless we had s****x. I would then look like an a**** trying to explain why there is a tear stain on my shirt whenever I go out. Then she wouldn’t do anything with my friends and me. She would also find ways to start drama between me and them so I’d spend more time with her.”

Not Self-Reliant

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A commenter posted, “When they aren’t able to be self-reliant. If you can’t even hold a job/take care of yourself, that shows you won’t be a good partner. Goes both ways, for sure.

Ex Talk

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This person said, “Talking about the ex, they are obviously still hung up on. If a girl does that, I treat her like a rebound/fling.”


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Someone commented, “When they interrupt me while I’m talking or don’t pay attention to what I’m saying. Shows a complete lack of respect for other people.”

Can’t Cook

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A user added, “I don’t think I’ve ever dated a girl who could cook. They didn’t even have one or two go-to meals. The entire kitchen was just a mystery. You’re 25-30 years old. I don’t expect a chef, but you should have learned to feed yourself. What other stuff have you just been coasting along on?”

Are You Not Entertained?

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One user shared, “Expecting to constantly be entertained, yet unwilling to contribute anything to the cause. I cannot stand being asked to do something but having to pick out what we’re doing.”

Can’t Converse

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This person stated, “Commenting on something I told her, she was uninterested, very dry, and not keeping the conversation flowing. I always seem/am interested and ask further questions to keep the conversation going. It’s nice to have it reciprocated.”


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A commenter said, “Being judgemental or regressive. I want to see my partner having healthy relationships with men and women. I want to see her be loving and supportive not only to me but to others. More than anything, humility and a willingness to apologize and learn from your mistakes. Honestly, these traits aren’t gendered. It’s what I look for in my male friends as well.”

Being Fake

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This poster added, “Fake anything. I swear the Kardashians destroyed the self-image of a generation of women, and social media has not helped at all.”

Too Busy

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Finally, a user said, “Being way too busy. This one is purely a personal preference, there’s nothing wrong with any of the following, but personally, I see dating profiles of women who list off a dozen hobbies that take up 100% of their time, especially out of the house or talk about how their careers take up so much of their time. I immediately know I’m not a good match. Give me a girl who likes sleeping in.”

Source: Reddit

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