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Should a Step Father Have to Pay For a Cake His Step Daughter Made Him? His Wife Says Yes, and She’ll Even Sell His Watch to Pay For It

When a young adult finds a hobby that they enjoy and later on in life could possibly make money from, it’s essential to try and foster, nurture, and support them in honing that skill as a parent. 

This mom recently baked up a plan that made her go to battle with her husband over their daughter’s newfound hobby, and it may cost her a piece of their relationship if her husband doesn’t pay up. 

She says her daughter has always been into baking, but recently as she has gotten older has really jumped head-first into baking, and she’s really enjoying it. Her daughter bakes cakes and other baked goods and then sells them to relatives and friends to make money.

Stepfather’s Birthday Cake

Her husband, her daughter’s stepfather, recently celebrated his 45th birthday, and he asked his stepdaughter to bake him the birthday cake, and she agreed. Her daughter was thrilled to be asked and got started planning it right away. Due to the excitement of her daughter being asked to make the cake, it was never discussed whether she would be getting paid to make the cake. Afterward, she mentioned to her husband that he would need to pay her for the cake, and he responded with complete dissatisfaction and said he would not because he was her dad. 

This mother insisted on him paying her because she is providing a service. Plus, she knows her daughter is a people pleaser and will always say yes, even if she is taken advantage of. After their conversation, he agreed to pay her, but she says it has been days since their conversation, and he has not paid nor made any mention of paying. This has made her very upset with him.

It’s Payment, or the Watch Goes

Due to her husband’s non-payment to her daughter, she decided to sell the watch she bought him to pay her daughter for her work. Her husband found out about this, and she now says he went off on her. She responded that he had more than enough time to pay the stepdaughter and should have paid even before the cake was baked. He responded that she is teaching her daughter to treat familial relationships as “transactional” and creating a personality trait to be “materialistic.” 

Again this mother tried to explain the time, effort, and money she spent making the cake. Still, he lashed out again at her, calling her an a**hole for creating this drama and enabling their daughter to expect something from their family that she’s supposed to do without expecting something in return.

Her husband is still furious and has told almost the entire family how she took back his birthday gift and paid their daughter with the money she got. She says she’s gotten a lot of negative feedback from family members about it. She also says that her daughter expected to be paid for her work. 

The Masses Weigh In on Reddit

Redditors responded to this messy birthday situation with their honest opinions on whether the OP ( original poster ) should have returned her husband’s watch to pay her daughter. 

One person said, “I find it strange that you’d make him pay for his own birthday cake rather than pay for it yourself. Who asks someone to pay for their own birthday cake? YTA.”

Another Redditor said, “YTA. I have never in my life heard of a person expecting to get paid for making a close relative’s birthday cake. I mean, if your daughter owned a bakery, and your husband went in and put in an order for a cake, yes.”

A user said, “YTA, she can’t afford to make her dad a birthday cake, or you couldn’t pay her? It’s his birthday, for God’s sake. You sound petty.”

Another user added, “She’s going to charge her own father for HIS birthday cake on HIS birthday, and you sold HIS gift to punish him on HIS birthday… wtf. YTA.”

“YTA. If someone REALLY had to pay for your HUSBAND’S birthday cake, it should have been YOU.” said another. 

A Redditor also added, “YTA That’s either one bloody expense cake your daughter baked or one cheap-ass wrist watch you bought your husband.”

Finally, a Redditor had this to say, “YTA She is not a professional baker yet. There was no negotiation of price. As her parents, I assume you are already funding tools and supplies. There is no reason she couldn’t bake him a cake as her birthday gift.”

Redditors pretty much agreed that the OP was in the wrong and should not have returned his birthday gift to pay the daughter. What is your opinion on the situation? Would you have expected to pay your daughter? Did the OP really need to return the gift?

This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Neon Moon.

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