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He Can’t Let Go of His Baby Blanket. He Has It With Him All the Time. One Day His Girlfriend Had Enough and Hid it

Jealousy over a childhood blankie? Childhood blankies, lovies, and stuffed animals have a special meaning to us as a child and even into adulthood of us. They have meaning to us, and that’s really all anyone needs to know about them.

One Redditor recently found out that her boyfriend may have an extreme attachment to his blanket and isn’t certain as to why, but it’s making her a bit jealous! 

The Security Blanket

The original poster (OP) has been dating her boyfriend for 8 months and says that things have been going great. They even recently moved in together! She says she enjoys their time together, and the past month of living together has also been awesome. Just one thing has been bugging her about him the last month of living together.

OP says her boyfriend has a blanket that his dad gave him when he was a child, and ever since they first started dating, she noticed that he is very close to his blanket. She said that since living together recently, his closeness with this blanket has gotten a lot more extreme and that he has it almost 100% of the time on him, aside from when he goes to work.

OP says he takes his blanket everywhere, when they cuddle on the couch or bed, in the kitchen, and even in the car when they go on road trips. She says there are times when he would cuddle with his blanket over cuddling with her, and it’s been bugging her. When he gets home from work, he will go straight in and get the blanket from their bedroom. OP said she has tried talking to him about this, and he just tells her that she’s taking it too personally and it shouldn’t even be an issue.

Hiding The Blanket

Recently while he was at work, OP decided to hide his blanket in the back of the closet to see if he would notice her or the blanket first. OP then said when he came home and noticed his blanket was missing, he immediately asked her what had happened to it. She said she wasn’t sure but that she was upset that he didn’t even say hi to her first. OP’s boyfriend ignored her and began frantically looking for his blanket everywhere. OP asked him why it’s such a big deal, as it’s just a blanket. 

OP said that he then became suspicious and asked her where it was. She said that at that point, she had given up on him responding to her and told him where it was and then said she put it there as a test to see if he would notice her or the blanket first.

This led to them getting into an argument, and he again said that the blanket should not make her insecure but that he does not trust her now and asked her to leave. OP feels that it’s so silly of him to be this upset over a blanket but feels that his blanket obsession is something deeper. 

The Masses Weigh In

Redditors gave their opinions on the security blanket issue between this couple. 

One Redditor said, “YTA. Make that huge AH. You hid something that was clearly important to him! Who are you to decide that he should be denied his blanket? You have a lot of growing up to do before being ready for a relationship.”

A second Redditor said, “On top of basically playing mind games to test “loyalty,” versus a blanket. Legit screams insecure.”

A third Redditor said, “If she’s pulling loyalty tests, she’s definitely not ready for a relationship. She’s jealous of a security blanket! YTA”

Another user got right to the point and said, “At least she didn’t throw it out, I’ve seen that happen loads in this sub. She’s a massive AH but she didn’t throw it out at least.”

This Redditor didn’t mince words and said, “YTA. You’re jealous over an inanimate object that provides your SO comfort.”

A final user added, “It’s frankly pathetic that you’re jealous of a blanket enough to hide it. This is some Saturday morning cartoon level BS.”

Redditors agreed that the OP was being a little silly hiding the security blanket and should probably relax. What are your thoughts? Does the OP have a right to feel jealousy over a blanket? 

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