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Boyfriends Are Begging Their Girlfriends To Surprise Them With These 16 Things

Some people love surprises, and others find them annoying. Surprises are often one-sided when it comes to relationships. Girlfriends are often surprised with roses, chocolates, or cute gifts near their birthdays or on a random Saturday. Boyfriends are often forgotten, and there is no expectation of surprising them for some weird reason. But men love surprises too, and you’d be surprised yourself to see exactly what they would like! Someone recently asked, “What would you like your girlfriend to surprise you with randomly?”

Head Scratches

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One Redditor replied, “Headscratch. My brain shuts down when a pretty girl plays with my hair/scratches my head.”

A second Redditor added, “I instantly understand why dogs are so damn happy all the time.”


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A popular comment was, “Hugs from behind while I’m on the computer.”

Another person responded with, “The behind hug is so underrated. so simple, but such a welcome surprise.”


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One user commented, “Random shoulder/back massages are always nice.”

A second user replied, “Just remember to really try and give a good massage if you do. My girlfriend is a little on the weak side, so her back rubs feel like raindrops on my back.”


Compliment Them man and woman doing cheers with wine outside at a table
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A Redditor added, “Just a compliment once in a while would be nice. My girlfriend never seems to.”

Another Redditor commented, “I think it is grossly underestimated how much men appreciate compliments as well. I also never receive them =/.”

Homemade Food

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A popular comment was, “My husband’s mom taught me some of her recipes (even simple ones), and my husband is thrilled every time I make that food.”

Another comment read, “I love this. My husband’s mom and I are great friends; she LOVES teaching me her recipes. We live on opposite sides of the country, and SO misses her cooking soo much.”

A third comment was, “Make him dinner. A nice homemade meal is always special. Can’t cook? No problem! Order in and set a really nice table with real dishes.”

Do Little Things

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One Redditor wrote, “We were watching TV at her place, and she got up, went to the kitchen, came back with sliced mango just for me without saying a word. As a lover of mango and a hater of picking ripe ones and preparing them, this was the ultimate gesture of affection. It’s the little things that matter, and man, oh man, was this awesome!”

Say, “I Love You”

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A user commented, “Eye contact, “Hey FIRST NAME, I love you and appreciate how hard you work” Hug.”

Another user added, “People underestimate the power of the first name. The difference between “I love you” and “I love you, Pistolcrab” is actually quite noticeable.”

New Experiences

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A Redditor replied, “That thing he likes that you don’t know about? Movie, musician, game, whatever – you know the one, he’s mentioned it a couple of times, and you just kinda grin and shake your head? Experience it with him. I was once surprised by a girlfriend bringing over a DVD of Blazing Saddles and a BBQ chicken pizza.”

Another Redditor added, “This totally goes both ways. Part of being in a relationship is being willing to open yourself up to new experiences that matter a lot to them. Trying something new your SO really enjoys that you might think you won’t is an awesome sign of how much you care about them regardless of gender.”

Random Gifts

Gifts: woman covering mans eyes giving him a gift and leaning over his shoulders.
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A popular comment was, “I love getting random presents! Even though she makes more than me, I end up spending more money on ‘stuff’. So it’s nice getting random Nestle Crunch, amongst other things. 😀 It’s like flowers.”

Another comment read, “My now ex-boyfriend and I would randomly show up places with “surprises” for each other. A bag of gummy bears, a box of junior mints, or something like that.”

Take Away Stresses

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One Redditor wrote, “Figure out what little things cause him to stress at home. Does he always run around the house panicked in the morning, looking for his wallet and keys, worried he’ll be late for work? Does he dread ironing? Fix these things when he’s not looking. Just leave the results out for him to find when you are not there. I didn’t look back when I found a girl that did this.

Alone Time

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A user commented, “This might be just me since nobody has said it in over 1,000 comments, but surprising him with some alone time might be cool. I mean, it depends on what he is into, but I could imagine coming home to a surprise “Me” night, being told I will be left alone as long as I want, given the room/house to play music/movies/video games as much as I want, and some good beer/scotch to go with it.”

A second user added, “I would kill for a “me” night. Sometimes it’s comforting to do my own thing knowing that my SO is close by and can pop in and say hi occasionally.”

Go On A Walk

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One Redditor replied, “Let’s go for a walk!” It’s a great time to relax and talk and enjoy each others company, especially on a beautiful day!”

Another Redditor added, “Oh Yes! It doesn’t even have to be a nice area. I used to love just strolling along the streets with no goal and just enjoying the togetherness.”

Outdoor Activities

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A most-liked comment was, “Doing anything active and outdoorsy – like going on a hike, mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, backpacking, riding motorcycles, fixing cars, watching transformers, playing video games, eating rocky road ice cream, and… oh dear I’m just naming off things I like.”

A person responded with, “Man, I love doing that stuff! It’s definitely part of what laid the groundwork for my current relationship. We were friends for almost 8 years, then FINALLY got around to dating, which quickly turned into “Let’s move away into the Colorado wilderness mountain bike and go hiking for months at a time.”


Softer Vice: woman with gray hair with her finger up to her mouth to signal quiet.
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One user commented, “Silence. I work in a very loud environment. I am running in between heavy production machinery, and I am almost always on the phone, debating, solving problems, and yelling at underlings. when I get home, I am greeted with a constant noise.. or more constant blabbering from my SO. don’t get me wrong – I love her, and I am very curious to learn about her day, but I NEED at least 30 minutes of silence – no music, no telephone, and minimal communication. I tried to tell her that, and she understands me – but she cannot shut up for the sake of her life.”

Awesome Text Messages

Texting Habits a woman sitting at a table
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One fun idea was “Make a list of the Top 10 Reasons He’s Awesome and text him one reason every hour from 8 am to 5 pm. I’ve done this for several people (sister, boyfriend, best friend), and everyone said it was the best gift ever. My sister still brings up how much she loved it.”

Another Redditor responded, “This is the BEST idea I’ve ever heard of! I’m going to do it for my guy tomorrow!”

Initiate Intimacy 

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A user commented, “Initiate physical intimacy… That’s it. Pretty simple, right? It’s extremely tiring to always be the one to initiate it. Over time, it’s crushing to one’s ego. They wonder if they’re not good enough for their SOs if they always have to be one to get the ball rolling.”

A second user replied, “It really gets tiring to have ALL the initiative.”
Redditors gave some great answers. Hopefully, their ideas will help you surprise your significant other a little more. What surprises would you enjoy? What surprises have you done for someone else?

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