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Unveiling 15 Raw Truths About Women That Men Need to Know

It’s important for men to recognize that women, like men, are diverse individuals with their own unique personalities, desires, and aspirations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding women and making assumptions based on stereotypes or generalizations can be harmful and dismissive. Women often face societal pressures and expectations, including those related to physical appearance, career choices, and family roles. It’s important for men to acknowledge these pressures.

Venting is Needed

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One commenter said, “When she’s complaining (about work, a friend, classes, stuff of this nature)…she’s most likely just venting and needs an ear, not a solution. So don’t get frustrated with her if the vent fest drags on for a while.”

We Don’t Have to Make Sacrifices for Anyone

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A second commenter added, “Not all women will make major sacrifices for a man. Or even to have kids. One of the biggest hurdles for me in terms of my own relationships has been the guys expecting me to change my whole life, my goals, my location, my friends, whatever, for them. It would take more than being in love for me to uproot myself, and I don’t see why a man can’t also do that.”

We Want to Be Friends Too

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A third commenter posted, “I think a good one for men to remember is that girls want to be friends too, not just girlfriends. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost once I got a boyfriend because I was only seen as “potential girlfriend.”

The “Friend Zone” Isn’t Real

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This user shared, “We don’t friend zone guys. They girlfriend zone us. The “friend zone” isn’t a thing. Now let’s all move on with our lives and stop whining.”

Crying is Normal

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A poster divulged, “Sometimes, we cry. And sometimes, crying TOTALLY isn’t necessary, and we aren’t doing it to manipulate you emotionally. We’re just letting off steam, and it can sometimes raise its ugly cry head at inopportune times.”

We Need Me Time

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Someone added, “I don’t want you around ALL the time. I like some time to myself! Yes, I still love you. No, I’m not angry. But if you keep freaking out every time I go off to do something solitary, I will see you as clingy and not long-term material.”

There Are No Rules 

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One person shared, “If you’re looking for a set of rules that will help you interact with women, you will be disappointed. The only rules that apply are the ones that apply to all of humanity.”

Emotions Are Real

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A top-liked comment said, “People have emotions. Dismissing every problem your girlfriend has with the relationship as “irrational emotions” is missing the point of a relationship.”

It’s Not All About You

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This person stated, “It’s not all about you. Women go and have a beer with friends. They dress in pretty clothes or buy a motorbike because they want to, not because they think about a man/men.”

Don’t Be Hard To Love – It’s Not Cool

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A user mentioned, “Pretending to have no feelings doesn’t make you more of a man – it makes it hard to love you because it makes it hard to know you.”

Don’t Blame Pms 

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This commenter posted, “People assuming I’m PMSimg just because I have emotions is the most infuriating and insulting thing. Do you think I was mad before? Well, let’s see how well you like me when you trivialize my feelings AND assume I have zero control or ability to be rational.”

Not My Type – Nothing You Can Do

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One poster lamented, “There is nothing you can do to make a specific girl like you. Sometimes you just aren’t her type, and it isn’t going to happen. Let it go. She doesn’t owe you her attraction.”

You’re Probably Not Our First

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Someone shared, “We’ve slept with other men before you. Every little insecurity you have about what they did with those prior men is probably true. Sorry, fellas. Now get over it.”

Love Is Earned

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A top-liked comment said, “Harsh truths? You don’t own us. We don’t owe you. Every single minute of a relationship is not to be taken for granted. People’s love is earned, not automatically gifted.”

Stop Trying To Impress

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Finally, someone added, “I’m so tired of being asked who I’m trying to impress when I get dolled up (which is extremely frequent). The truth? I’m impressing the person I see in the mirror. I like knowing I am foxy TO ME, within my own definition of that. Whether or not someone else notices, appreciates, or wants to have it around is no concern of mine.” Source: Reddit

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