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Re-Defined Gender Norms: Men’s Close-Kept Secrets About Desires To Be Socially Accepted With “Girly” Habits

Throughout history, societies have enforced gender stereotypes that restrict the behavior of both men and women. These stereotypes dictate how men should act and what they can do, while also prescribing specific roles and appearances for women.

Consequently, many men may suppress their desires to engage in activities or express interests that are deemed “feminine” due to the fear of societal judgment and being labeled as less masculine. This rigid adherence to gender norms limits personal freedom and hinders progress toward a more inclusive and accepting society.

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One reader shared, “Hug people more/compliment people more. I’m a guy, and whenever I do any of those things, people think I’m being weird, and it’s so annoying.”

Giving Compliments

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A second reader said, “Giving a woman or anyone else a compliment. I got made fun of by my dad and siblings when I complimented a women’s purse I’m not even gonna lie it was a nice purse, and since we’re on this topic, they hurt my feelings I got bullied for complimenting a dang purse.”


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A third reader stated, “I want to smell like a coconut or a summer breeze, not BATTLESHARK or TIMBERKNIFE. Also, I wish there was more hair conditioner for guys. I don’t want to buy a bottle that works as a shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotion, and hot sauce all in one.”

Hair Care

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A user added, “Brushing someone’s hair. I brush my friend’s hair, and she taught me how to braid it!  We keep quiet about it, though.”


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This user said, “I used to think baking was girly, but I’ve been doing it since a kid, and I absolutely love it.”

Express Thoughts And Feelings

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A poster mentioned, “Talk more openly about feelings. Some sh****t just really needs to be worked out.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I’m a straight male with a wife and kids. I take baths and put bubbles in because I like nice smells and it relaxes aches after working. I use a moisturizer that includes sunblock because I’m in my 40s, and my skin looks f****ng great. I use conditioner on my hair because it’s no extra effort and makes a massive difference. If somebody tells you this is girly, it’s pure ignorance, and at my age, I have zero time for that kind of limited mindset.”

Alcoholic Drinks

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This person shared, “Drink a rainbow-colored cocktail at a bar and watch more romcoms.”

Clothing Options

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A user stated, “I wish men had more clothing options. I would wear more stuff if it were socially acceptable.”

House Plants

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This user added, “I’d love to have a lot of houseplants. But not the typical ones, no, no, no, I want to focus on various herbs. Be it conventional ones like mint and its types or wild ones like cowslip or firegrass. Essentially I want to get as close to a witch as possible while still keeping my logical worldview.”


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This top-liked comment said, “Since having kids, I cry way more than I did pre-kids. I’m also getting older. Friends are having stuff happen to them, grandparents dying, the wife got sick, etc. I think I just have more to worry about. Anything to do with kids being hurt or sick really gets to me. Crying is great. It makes me feel better. Let it out!”


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A reader commented, “Women who get to wear skirts on a hot day make me jealous as hell, so yeah, something to do with man skirts.”

Bathroom Use

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A user mentioned, “I sit down on the toilet to pee when I am at home or a friend’s house. No sense in causing a splash mess on the bowl and having to clean it later.”

Casual Wear

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One said, “Leggings are pretty great. Seriously, there’s a reason they’ve become so popular with women. They’re just really damn comfortable. And I know they’ve gained popularity in men for athletic purposes but not just casual wear. Maybe they will someday.”

Casual Touch

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This user added, “Be more touchy with people. It’s so crazy seeing girls touching anyone without seeming creepy or gross. I can’t remember the last time I casually touched someone.”

Spa Days

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A poster said, “I wish spa days weren’t considered girly. Get a manny/peddy while I read some Harry Potter. Hop in a sauna for a bit. Get my man bits waxed. Get an hour-long massage, then finish it up with a nice haircut and beard trim. I don’t care who ya are. That sounds f****ing great.”

Sleep Overs

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This commenter added, “Definitely “girly” sleepovers. I really like the ongoing vibe that is depicted in a girl sleepover, nothing s****al, just doing some dumb stuff with your gals. I just want to do dumb sh****t and paint some nails while having a revitalizer mask on my face.”

Foot Wear

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A user commented, “I want to wear knee-high boots. I want to look like a Jedi, darn it!”

Wearing Pink

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This user said, “Wear the color pink. Pink is my favorite color. Has been for my whole life, and I’m a thirty-two-year-old straight man. I’m not shy about it at all, and I like certain things in pink (toothbrushes, pens, mugs, home decor, clothing accessories, etc.), but I don’t buy pink clothes.”

Carry A Purse

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Finally, one shared, “I carry a man-purse or a “murse,” yes, it’s technically a messenger bag, but I have no messages, and this thing holds my backup battery and a whole bunch of stuff for “just in case” moments. No shame.”

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