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Busted you Niandrothols: They Do That? 15 Things All Men Do That They’ll Never Admit

Men often experience thoughts and experiences they choose not to discuss openly. These unspoken parts of their lives may include emotions, insecurities, and behaviors. Just like anyone else, men may struggle with moments of vulnerability, self-doubt, and fear of judgment, which may lead them to hide certain pieces of their lives.

Body Insecurities

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Men, like women, may have insecurities about their bodies, but societal pressures often discourage them from discussing these feelings openly. This can result in internal struggles to meet unrealistic physical standards.


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Believe it or not, men overanalyze situations and conversations, often, even if they won’t admit it. This generally leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety coming from a desire to make the best decisions in their personal and professional lives.

Enjoying Romantic Comedies 

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Some men secretly enjoy watching romantic comedies but might avoid admitting it due to masculinity stereotypes. These films offer them a chance to appreciate love and humor, even if it’s not openly acknowledged.

Fearing Rejection 

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Fear of rejection is universal, but some men may hide this fear, especially in dating and relationships. This fear can prevent them from taking risks or expressing their true feelings.

Cry in Private 

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Men often hide their emotions and may cry privately when dealing with sadness, grief, or stress. This private release of emotions can be a coping mechanism when societal expectations discourage open displays of vulnerability.

Secret Skincare Routine 

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Many men maintain skincare routines but might not openly share their love for skincare products and treatments. Taking care of their skin is a form of self-care they might keep to themselves.

Hair Concerns 

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Hair loss or graying can be a source of insecurity for some men, leading them to use hair products discreetly. This concern reflects societal pressures to maintain a youthful appearance.


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Like anyone else, men can experience self-doubt and imposter syndrome, but they might not openly discuss these feelings. This inner struggle can affect their confidence despite outward competence.

Googling Health Symptoms 

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Some men might secretly Google health symptoms before consulting a healthcare professional out of fear or curiosity. This action may stem from a desire to gather information or seek reassurance before seeking medical advice.

Fantasizing About Success 

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Men may have secret dreams and aspirations they do not share with others for fear of failure or judgment. These aspirations often represent their inner desires and passions.

Online Shopping 

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Men might shop online for clothes or accessories but not admit to enjoying the experience as much as they do. Online shopping provides convenience and accessibility, even if kept under wraps.

Avoid Doctor’s Appointments 

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Some men avoid going to the doctor, even when they should, due to a reluctance to address health issues. This avoidance can be influenced by fear of diagnoses or medical procedures.

Impersonating Confidence

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Men may sometimes fake confidence to hide their insecurities or nervousness in social situations. This facade is a defense mechanism to navigate social interactions more comfortably.

Social Media Stalking 

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Just like women, some men engage in social media stalking but might not openly discuss their online detective work. Curiosity and the desire to stay connected with others drive this behavior.

Comparing Themselves to Others 

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Men may secretly compare themselves to others regarding career success, appearance, or life achievements despite outward confidence. This inner comparison can drive personal growth and ambition.

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