This wife is Shocked and Saddened by the fact that her Wife was Happy to Throw it out. Would You be Angry if Your Significant Other Threw Out Your Cake Topper?

A Reddit user (35F) is upset with her wife (33F) about something that many people would consider to be fairly trivial. Others, however, will sympathize with her and feel like she has a point. 

The situation revolves around the cake topper that they had on their wedding day two and a half years ago. The original poster (OP) was shocked and saddened by the fact that her wife was happy to throw it out, with OP placing huge sentimental value on it. 

A Sentimental Item or Trash-Worthy?

OP explained that when they got married two and a half years ago, the coronavirus was still rife, which meant they could only have five guests attend. Therefore, the ceremony was very intimate, meaning there wasn’t a huge amount of things to take back home with them to remember the day by.

The cake and cake topper was made by OP’s best friend, who was one of the five people in attendance at the wedding. Other than a few buttonholes and a fascinator, the cake topper is the only thing that they have kept from the wedding, so it is of huge value. 

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The issue surrounding the cake topper came up a couple of weeks ago when OP and her wife were throwing a few things out. Her wife took her by surprise when she asked whether the cake topper should be thrown out or not. 

OP can’t believe that she even asked the question but her wife has said that she has plenty of memories of their wedding day which she values over a cake topper. OP is upset and hurt by this because she feels like it’s odd that her wife doesn’t feel the same way about a piece of memorabilia from their wedding. 

Is her wife being too brutal or is OP being overly sensitive? Well, this is where the Reddit community comes in. 

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A Well-Rounded Response 

The majority of Redditors that responded were sympathetic towards OP but also didn’t think she should overthink the situation. Everyone is different in how they remember big life events, and they reassured her that her wife wanting to throw it out didn’t mean anything significant. 

One comment summed the situation up perfectly – “Try to focus on how she cared enough about your feelings to ask if you wanted to keep the topper. She knew it could be important to you and made sure to communicate to know for sure. Some people don’t form a sentimental attachment to physical objects. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about you or your wedding day.”

After plenty of reassurance, OP’s wife took to the comments to provide an update on the situation. She said: “

“She told me about this post just after she made it, and we’ve been reading responses together. Thank you, everyone for your replies, you helped her figure out that it’s related to our different levels of sentimentality when it comes to physical objects (I’m a photos person, she’s a stuff person).

What do you think? Did Reddit Get it Right? Should OP’s wife have just kept quiet or did she approach the situation appropriately? Would you be happy to throw out a piece of memorabilia from your wedding day?

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