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Cuddling: How Do Men Really Feel About It?

Whether or not men enjoy cuddling will vary from individual to individual. That said, oftentimes,  societal stereotypes portray cuddling as a “weak” form of intimacy, and men should not enjoy cuddling or even speak the word out loud. Men are often less inclined to show physical affection, again, because of the societal view of it being a weakness. However, the reality is that many men do appreciate cuddling and find it comforting and intimate. Men have varying preferences and levels of comfort when it comes to cuddling though.


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One Redditor excitedly said, “Good! Cuddling is good!”


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A second Redditor shared, “Cuddling is very enjoyable. I enjoy it in all physical/romantic situations, but I restrict it with casual s**** as it can lead to unsavory romantic feelings on my part.”

Demand It

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This Redditor commented, “I love to cuddle. So. Damned. Much. I’ve never had casual s****, but in my long-term relationships, I have demanded cuddling following s**** on several occasions, sometimes even turning down s**** entirely… simply to cuddle.”


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A user added, “My boyfriend loves to cuddle. I call him my monkey because he’s always clinging onto me.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I’ve been on a long dry spell, and I honestly want to cuddle more than I want s***. I enjoy the closeness that cuddling offers. There is a closeness that s**** has, but it’s different.”

A Turn-Off

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One user stated, “I love to cuddle. But I’ve been with a few who don’t. Really turned me off. If you don’t like to cuddle, you’re gone.”

Cat Cuddles

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This user said, “Awwww yisss, Cuddles. Can’t get enough. I’m basically a cat. They’re so warm and comforting.”

Where Do My Hands Go?

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A Redditor shared, “Personally, I just don’t know what the f***k to do, and It’s not pleasurable at all. I’ve no idea what I’m doing, and the only reason I do it is for her sake.”

No Saliva

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A highly commented statement said, “Cuddling is intimate and feels good, and no saliva is involved.”

Favorite Things

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A user said, “If I could cuddle all the time, I would. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do.”


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This user added, “Quite honestly? Regardless of the situation – a legitimate, committed relationship, or casual s***, I would jump at the chance to have an intimate cuddle session. For me, it’s more about holding someone and knowing that they’re there for me and vice versa. It provides a sense of security that I can’t find anywhere else.”


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A Redditor commented, “My god, I hate it. It’s awkward. Limbs fall asleep, and you wake up numb and hot. No thanks.”

Not For Me

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A user had this contested take, “Not for me, and it’s not the intimacy I dislike. It’s always nice to feel close to your partner. It’s the damn body heat and hair.”

Too Sweaty

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One Redditor said, “I already sleep under a single cover, and it’s practically paper thin. Every time a girl cuddles up to me after s***, I overheat. I get sweaty, it gets gross, and I always roll away.”


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This user added, “I take up most of a queen size bed while I sleep. I toss and turn like a champ. It’s a gymnastics competition every time the lights go out. When someone’s too close to me, I can’t spread out.”

Hairy Situation

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A commenter said, “Can’t handle the heat, can’t handle the hair. It’s really the hair everywhere, in my mouth, eyes, and nose. It’s just too much stimulation while trying to sleep. Plus, I love my space.”


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This user exclaimed, “Yes, I love to cuddle! It enhances the feeling of intimacy and closeness, and it is an excellent way to initiate romantic s****.”

Separate Feelings

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A top-liked comment said, “I love cuddling in general. Casual s****? I try not to unless it’s a one-time deal. I don’t want to develop any feelings or stay too long to do that. If I can cuddle and not develop anything more than that, I’d like to cuddle, but looking back, that’s not happening.”

Hold Me

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A user reminisced, “Of all the things I miss about my ex, it’s the feeling of crawling into bed at night, her scooting her little butt up against me and whispering, “Hold me.”

Not When Sleeping

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A Redditor commented, “I like to cuddle. After s**** or even just for its own sake. Not when it’s time to sleep, though. I’m the sort of person to fidget in my sleep so you can sleep on your side and leave me to it.”

Masculine Feeling

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Finally, a user shared, “The deep intimacy that comes with cuddling is something that I very much enjoy. I feel that wrapping my arms around my girlfriend makes me feel like I’m somehow protecting her and, in turn, makes me feel more masculine.”

According to the responses from Redditors, it would be unfair to make any type of blanket statement about whether or not men enjoy cuddling. However, it seems that many of the responses were in favor of cuddling and, many times, even preferred over other forms of physical intimacy, thus breaking the mold of the societal view that men should not enjoy non-s****al forms of physical intimacy.

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