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Deal-Breakers: People Share Their Top 20 Shallow Reasons They Refuse To Date, Someone

When it comes to dating, there are certain things about a person that some individuals might consider deal-breakers. These deal-breakers can often be superficial and shallow and vary from person to person. Physical appearance often plays a significant role, with individuals placing an excessive emphasis on height, weight, or specific facial features. However, there are many more than just physical appearance!


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One user said, “When she clapped to music at a concert we went to way off-beat I knew it was over then and there.”


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A second user added, “I don’t exactly know how to describe it, but girls whose voices sound like they’re constantly asking a question. Certain inflections and tones kind of tick me off. It just sounds odd and unintelligent to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated girls much smarter than me, and I know some very intelligent women who sound like this. But to me, it’s just a deal breaker.”

You Owe Me

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A third user shared, “When they say “You owe me” for mundane tasks. Specifically, when they expect something in return for anything they do and hold it against you if it’s not returned, I appreciate what they did, but I don’t need them to tell me the instant they do something nice.”

Lizard Lips

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A Redditor said, “Chapped lips. I understand mildly chapped, but it’s too much when there are scabs. Time for you to go, lizard lips.”

Facial Features

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One user commented, “My best friend wanted to set me up with her friend. She told me all about her, and she sounded magnificent. Then she showed me a photo. She was cute. But she had a chin dimple. A really, really pronounced chin dimple. I felt like a shallow A H, but dammit, I find them quite unattractive.


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A poster mentioned, “Driver incompetence. I can’t handle a girl who seems clueless behind the wheel. It stresses me out way too much.”

Poor Texter

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This user recalled, “When I was in college, I had a date once with this really awesome girl. I asked a friend to introduce me to her. She was really cute, and I was actually surprised that she agreed to go out with me. We watched a movie and had dinner. I walked her home, and we held hands. (which was really great because that was our first date, and she was really out of my league) When I got home, I texted her that I had a really good time, to which she replied, ‘mE to0, I rEaLy hAd a greAt tym. I HoPe 2 zseeU zOon. XOxo.’ Never saw her again.”

Chewing Like A Cow

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A top-liked comment said, “Anyone that eats with their mouth open. I’m sorry, I just really can’t look at or hear that—instant turnoff.”


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This Redditor said, “I just had to test you” You test some quality in me because you don’t know if I’m loyal or some bull. Game over. I’m out.

Bingo Wings

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A user shared, “My friend broke off a 6-month relationship because the girl had loose arm skin, which he referred to as “Bingo Wings.”

Eats Like A Baby

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A poster mentioned, “Someone who is a messy eater. I never looked at this one guy the same after seeing his mouth rimmed with pizza grease.”

A Bigger Chest

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This user stated, “Man boobs. I’m sorry, but as a lady, I don’t want to date a guy with bigger boobs than me.”


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One poster said, “Overly sarcastic guys. Don’t get me wrong – I love sarcasm. I’m sarcastic all the time. But you also have to know when to stop and when to be serious.”

What’s Your Sign?

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A top-liked comment said, “Anyone who believes in horoscopes. I’ve had guys ask me (in all seriousness), “What’s your sign?” No thanks, bye.”

Le What?

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A commenter mentioned, “Went out on a date with my local coffee shop girl. She casually added “le” into her sentence, and I was completely turned off. It may seem shallow, but to me, this was the entirety of her maturity level.”

Text Decoding

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A user shared, “If you text like a drunk 7-year-old. If it takes me more than five minutes to decipher if what you’re saying is even English, it’s over.”


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This Redditor added, “People who are really into theater. The people they tend to surround themselves with are super obnoxious. They also tend to have way too many plans and aren’t so great at just chilling out. So hungry for applause.”

Dave Metal

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A poster stated, “My brother listens to death metal, speed metal, and the like. He once dumped a girl because Every time he got in her car, Dave Matthews was playing. He couldn’t handle that sh****t.”

Celeb Crushes

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This user said, “I absolutely loath girls who have celebrity crushes and are super blatant about it – such as posting pictures of their crushes on social media. Just be quiet about it, will you? I don’t want to know I’m what you had to settle for just because you couldn’t get Ryan Gosling or whoever.

Be An Adult

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “You don’t have to be rich or even have any savings or assets, but at least have your stuff together enough to pay the bills on time. House doesn’t need to be spotless, but enough care to have work clothes washed. I’m sick of being the only adult in my relationships.”

Source: Reddit

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