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Deal Breakers: Would You Go On A Second Date If You Experienced Any Of These 20 Behaviors?

First dates can be both exciting and nerve-wracking! A first date can be exciting because this may be your last first date and nerve-wracking because, on the other hand, it could go terribly wrong! That said, there are certain things you should avoid doing on a first date. For example, not showering is a bad idea. Also, talking about your ex probably isn’t the best idea for making conversation. These are known as deal breakers.

One Way Convo

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One user said, “Having it be only about them irks me. They’ll answer your questions with long stories about themselves and rarely ask anything in return. If they do, you’ll get about 1 sentence in, and they’ll interrupt you with another one of their stories. They always feel like the date went great and they had a great time, and they are surprised you are not equally as excited.”

Overly Sappy

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A second user shared, “This might be an unpopular opinion, but I hate overly-sappy romantic gestures like INSISTING on holding your hands over the table whilst looking into your eyes for extended periods of time. When you try and get your hands back, talk about something else, or break eye contact, they get offended and just TRY AGAIN, GRABBING AT YOUR HANDS AND PULLING YOU BACK. As if he’s trying to hypnotize you, and you’re not cooperating.”

Waiting, Watching

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A third user added, “Ordering your food to go and quietly watch me eat while you wait to leave. Needless to say, this was a one-and-done.”

Being Possessive

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This poster commented, “Possessive behavior. If this is how you act with someone you’ve just met, how would a relationship with you be?”

Moving In

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A Redditor said, “I had a guy buy me a toothbrush after a third date so I can use it when I stay at his house. He also wanted to see me every day of the week after the first date and got insulted if I denied. Then he would ask about every little detail I did when I was not seeing him. “I’m just not that social person, and I don’t want to see anyone 24/7 for 4 days in a row” wasn’t a good enough reason.”

Get Jealous

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A top-liked comment said, “Finding out that the reason why they asked you out is that they wanted to make their ex jealous. To make it worse, she had her friend invite the ex-boyfriend as well….”

Misunderstood Tattoo

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This Redditor added, “The only Tinder date I have ever been on. Things were fine until I noticed that the tops of her feet were tattooed with portraits of John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson. Across her toes were the words “party dudes.” When I asked her what was up with that, she said, “I just think they were really intelligent, misunderstood guys.”

3 Words

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One poster recalled, “Had a girl tell me she thought she loved me about halfway through our first date once. I brushed it off as flirty banter, then toward the end of our meal, she said, “You know how I know you love me? You didn’t say you didn’t love me when I said I loved you.”


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A user mentioned, “Finding out that your date is on probation… for domestic violence against the girl they dated before you.”


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This user added, “Once, I was talking to this girl online, and things were going pretty well, so we decided to go for dinner. I showed up to the place five minutes early, so I waited. And kept waiting. Texted her 15 mins after we were scheduled to meet but didn’t get a response. Waited for another 45 mins, then left. She messaged me later, saying she wasn’t there because she lives in Indonesia. I live in New Jersey.”

Only Two

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A poster remarked, “I went on a date, and the guy was texting his ex-fiancé, but then he clarified he has TWO ex-fiancés.”


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This user added, “I didn’t know this until recently. Picking wax out of your ears and sprinkling it around. Don’t. Just don’t, ok?”


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A user said, “Smelly, greasy hair, and no effort in appearance. If the first date isn’t important enough for you to even shower, then how important will the relationship be to you.”

Quiet Until….

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A Redditor recalled, “Super shy, quiet, barely spoke UNTIL THE MOVIE STARTED. Then she wouldn’t shut the f****ck up, kept staring at me, and asking the dumbest questions like “How’d you get so tall?”, “Do you like movies?”

Zero To A Hundred

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This Redditor shared, “Starting the date by saying that you’ve cleared your entire weekend, just in case this date works out and I’m free. No pressure.”

Completely Floored

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One Redditor mentioned, “Halfway through the movie, she got really emotional, drops to the floor, and starts rolling around like a toddler. After about 10 minutes, she gets up and acts like nothing happened What the actual f****ck.”

The Driveway?

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A top-liked comment said, “When he comes to pick you up and pees in your driveway before y’all leave. Maybe he was marking his territory?”


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A user mentioned, “Showing up absolutely hammered and passing out within an hour. Made a lasting impression for sure! ”

Hands Off

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This poster commented, “Too handsy right out of the gate. You’re still a stranger. I need to get to know you first.”


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Finally, a Redditor added, “Once I told a guy he had something in his teeth, and he…..flossed with his long hair.”

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