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Couple Sent Out Income-Based Wedding Invitations To Guests, and The Family is Livid!

A destination is a great option. Many couples then spend a few days at a resort afterward and keep the after-wedding party going! This is a brilliant idea until you realize that not everyone can afford to go on a destination wedding vacation. One couple has much to learn regarding a guest list and a destination wedding because she’s quickly become the enemy. 

Destination Wedding Plans

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The original poster (OP) is getting married in June. She and her fiancé decided to have a destination wedding. OP and her fiancé picked out what she describes as the perfect venue in the Dominican Republic and are very happy with where they will be when it comes time to say their nuptials! This past January, OP sent out her invitations which she figured was enough time for everyone they invited to send in their R.S.V.P. and plan their trip. 

Income-Driven Invitation

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OP goes on to say that the invitations they chose to send came at a premium price and were very expensive. As the bride and groom-to-be went through their guest lists, they decided they would only send invites to family members from both sides that they felt could afford to go on the trip. They felt like it was a good place to save on the cost of invitations because they realized that not all of their family members could afford the trip to the Dominican Republic.

Her Mother Reacts

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OP says her mother is very upset with her right now because of how many family members she excluded based on if she thought they could afford the trip. Her mother told her she was disappointed in how she and her fiancé separated and divided family members and that she had upset so many people. OP’s mother also said judging people by their income was extremely rude. OP feels that she did not judge anyone and just picked the people in her family she thought could afford the trip.

What Do People Think?

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Redditors gave their thoughts on this destination wedding and how the invites were handled. 

One Redditor pointed out, “At the time my (former) best friend got married, he’d apparently decided on a destination wedding in Nepal, as his wife-to-be was Nepalese. I’d known him for some 30 years at this point, so it was just assumed that I’d be the best man whenever the day came. I found out that not only was I, not the best man but that I wasn’t invited to the wedding either because I was also perceived as “poor.” So yes, YTA. Big time.”

Contradicting Story

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A second Redditor said, “OP: I didn’t judge anyone! Also, OP: I only picked those I knew could afford it. I’m with your mom on this one. YTA.”

A third Redditor said, “OP can’t afford the invitations. And she’s judging other people’s finances. YTA”

Another Redditor said, “It seems pretty clear they only intended the higher paid family members to come when they sent out invitations to a destination wedding with only 5 months’ notice.”

Invite By Love

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A Redditor also said, “OP-you invite the people you love and the ones closest to you. If they choose to decline, that is up to them. You owe an apology to a ton of people.”

Finally, a Redditor said this, “OP is only picking people they assume will give them lots of cash as a gift.”

Might Be Time to Rethink Wedding Plans

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Source: Reddit

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