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He Didn’t Pay for His Dental Work and Is Blaming the Office When They Ask for Payment. His Girlfriend is Not Happy and Confronted Him About It, Then the Argument Begins. 

A Redditor recently shared a story about her boyfriend lying about paying for dental work.  

The original poster (OP) told Reddit about a recent issue she had with her boyfriend, who is now upset with her because she called him out about lying.

The Lie

OP’s boyfriend was recently fitted for dental trays or teeth whiting molds because he lost his old set.

OP’s boyfriend told her that when he picked up his dental trays, the receptionist gave him the trays without asking for payment. He took the trays and left, knowing he did not pay for them.

A receptionist from the office called shortly after he left and said that a mistake was made and there was no payment on file for the trays, and he would need to make the payment in person or over the phone.

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OP’s boyfriend lied and said he had already paid before picking the trays up, and it wasn’t his fault that they had no record of him paying and also that he didn’t keep his receipt to prove it to them. 

OP said he was pretty vocal to her about not wanting to pay for the dental trays if he didn’t have to and that it was the receptionist’s mistake for just giving him the trays and not asking for payment.

This is where the argument started; while driving in his car with OP, he answered the phone with the dental practice manager on the other end. He was following up on the initial call with the receptionist. OP’s boyfriend continued with his lie that he had already paid, and it was not his problem that they could not provide proof of this.

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An Uneasy Feeling

What bothered the OP was witnessing her boyfriend lie so easily to the practice manager and that he didn’t care if the receptionist could get in trouble or even lose her job over this mistake.

After the phone call, OP told her boyfriend that she was very uncomfortable to hear and witness what he just did and told him he was a bad person for lying when he knew full well it was an honest mistake made by the receptionist.

OP’s boyfriend is now giving her the silent treatment and seems really hurt that she called him a bad person.

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Reddit Weighs In

Redditors have a lot to say about what the boyfriend may also be lying about and what they thought the OP should do! 

One was quick to point out, “​​NTA in the least. Huge red flag here; what your boyfriend did is outright stealing. He is also stupid. This is the 21st century; the dentist knows he didn’t pay and the police will know that too when the dentist presses charges.”

Another user said, “Girl, run. What if he decides to steal from you, your family, or your friends? Liars will lie just to keep up the practice.”

A third user with a similar experience shared, “I agree, this is a big red flag. I’m not saying that you will have the same experience as me based off of one story, but I’ve dated two men with similar lying habits. The first was just an attention seeker, and his lies became increasingly absurd.

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Harmless but embarrassing. Second, I was uncomfortable because he often lied to get discounts/free items. I made myself overlook it because he was struggling financially due to health issues. He went on to be very abusive to me. His lying was a symptom of his inability to accept not getting his way. When lying didn’t work, it changed to yelling, guilting, and anything else short of physical violence until he got what he wanted.”

Another Redditor said, “I completely agree. Lying is a non-negotiable for me (unless it’s for hiding birthday/holiday presents). A good rule of thumb that I was told very early on was to watch how your date treats the waitstaff. If he treats them well (polite, doesn’t throw a fit, tips appropriately, etc.), then that’s a good sign. If the opposite happens, run.

OP, your boyfriend is willing to lie over something this small and throw someone else under the bus. What will he do if the stakes are higher? He’s also gaslighting the receptionist by saying that her version of reality isn’t correct, even though you both know it is. It’s not a far stretch of the imagination to think that he’ll do the same to you in the future. Run!

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