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Embracing New Beginnings: “Acknowledging the End of Our Journey

Receiving the news of a breakup is never easy, and responding in hurtful or negative ways can exacerbate an already difficult situation. One of the worst possible responses is to become angry or hostile, hurling insults or blame at the other person. Begging or pleading for another chance, especially if it involves emotional manipulation, can also create discomfort and unease. Additionally, responding with indifference or nonchalance can make the other person feel like their emotions and the relationship were insignificant. It’s crucial to remember to handle these situations with maturity and respect, even if the feelings are intense.

No, You’re Not

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A poster shared, “No, you’re not, and that’s why I’m breaking up with you.” This was said to me when I tried to break up with the most manipulative man I’d ever met.”

Thank God

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A second user added, “I’ve actually said “Oh, thank god” to a breakup text before. Most of my friends, even the guy who sent the breakup text, still laugh about that response to this day.”

Indecent Proposal

Woman saying no to proposal
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This user commented, “I once broke up with my now ex-live-in boyfriend, he was folding some laundry, and we were arguing over a baseless accusation. I told him we were done. He responded with a ring pop candy ring, proposing.

No One Will Love You

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A highly-liked comment was, “Will you marry me?” (pulls out the ring) or “No one will love you as much as I do.” My ex said/did these things when I broke up with him. Like, what?!?. No, I don’t want to marry you. I’m leaving. And yes, I absolutely will find someone else, and if not I’d rather be alone than in this mess.”

We Were Dating?

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One person wrote, “Wait, we were dating?” This girl I’d never even seen before came up to my girlfriend (at the time) and me — bawling her eyes out with a bright red face — calling me a cheater. Found out soon after that one of her classmates (a known bully) had pointed me out and told her I wanted to date her. She didn’t question it and thought we were a couple for roughly a week.”

You’ll Be Back

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A top-liked comment said, “He said, “You say that now, but you’ll be groveling at my feet in a month.” True Story.”

Forever Alone

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One user commented, “But you’ll be forever alone!” has been a good one. Or the whole “I broke you” bit has been a fun one too.”

I Already Did

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Someone commented, “She responded, “You’re breaking up with me?” I responded, “I already did. Last night through text, you didn’t check your phone yet?”

That’s The Point

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A popular comment was, “She responded that no one will ever love you as I do. I responded, “That’s the point.” Love to her was a one-way street with me doing all the “lovey” things with no reciprocation.”

Threats Or Denial

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One poster said, “Threats or denial – I won’t let you. I’ll go back to drinking/drugs/self-harm. I’ll never let you go—any of that kind of thing. Yes, this is what an abusive ex hit me with when I finally ended it.”


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This user replied, “Apparently, packing my things and loading my car was the wrong response. She was surprised, to say the least.”


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A person suggested, “The worst response is “Why?” Because you will never get a straight-up answer. Ever.”

Oh, Good

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This user added, “Oh good, because I totally cheated on you last night, so that actually works out well.” This is a true account of a breakup in college for me.”

Are You Still Going To Pay Me Back?

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A commenter stated, “Well, are you still going to pay me back for the car repairs I paid for?” I had had it with my mooch of girlfriend at that point and was ready to do it myself, but she made it so much easier for me.”

No, Don’t Go….

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This poster recalled, “Oh no… Don’t go… How will I live without you?….” I immediately went back to playing my video game after.”

Where Will You Live?

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Finally, a commenter said, “Where are you gonna live? You can’t afford a box with your salary alone.” My ex-boyfriend said this to me as I was packing up my things from the apartment we shared.”

Source: Reddit

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