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Enjoyable Memories: Date Nights That Leave A Warm and Fuzzy Feeling With Good Memories

Memorable date nights are a fun way to spice things up, go out, and have some fun with your partner. Some couples prefer low-key dates, like looking at the lights from the stars at night, while others may prefer to be with loud crowds and music. Either way, there’s no wrong way to enjoy and experience a memorable fun date night! Are you ready to explore the possibilities?


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One Redditor shared, “Museums are starting to have nighttime events where there’s booze, or you can sleep over in the dino room. I know it’s on my date night list.”

Parking Garages

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This Redditor said, “I took a girl up the top of a parking garage and played a playlist of songs I made the night before and just slow danced with her. It went fantastic.”

Ice Skating

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A user said, “ Ice skating. It is fun and romantic. It’s like a step up from dancing, in my opinion. It is also a good exercise.”

Coffee & Legos

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This user stated, “I’m getting bored as hell with online dating in general. Right now, I set up first dates at a coffee shop where we get together and build Lego.”

Cook Together

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One user said, “Cook dinner together. Pick a recipe neither of you has made before and learn it side by side.”

Themed Nights

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This user recalled, “One thing that I have done was hooked up my computer to my TV and play Civ 5 with my girlfriend. I started a game as Rome, and we dressed up in bed sheet togas, I made dumb little laurels and a couple of glasses of wine. We would pace the room and pretend to be Caesar, spreading the Glorious Roman Empire while building monuments to our legacy.”


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A Redditor commented, “Stargazing is a good one if you live somewhere with good weather and not too much light pollution. Even better if you can do it near a lake or river, so you get more open sky.”

Jelly Beans

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This Redditor shared, Here’s a super cheap one: Buy a bag of jelly bellies and take turns trying them and guessing the different flavors. It’s loads of fun.”

Video Games

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A user reminisced, “Any multiplayer video game is a great date, really. My first date with my boyfriend was me challenging him to Mario Kart.”

Pizza & A Movie

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This user said, “Make personal pizzas at home while enjoying a few beers and watching a scary movie marathon.”

Candy Shopping

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One user shared, “One of my favs is taking my wife to this candy shop we have here that has thousands of different candies, and they price it by weight, so you get a little plastic bag and go nuts and get whatever you want. Nothing I find cuter than my wife running around like a kid, happy as can be.”

Cloud Watching

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This Redditor stated, “Cloud watching! Nothing beats lying on a nice picnic blanket, listening to a chill-out playlist, and cuddling while watching the clouds float by.”

Live Music

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A user said, “Anything with live music. No matter what the genre is. Simply having a band or even a solo act performing increases the energy and mood of any place you find yourself at.”

App Tour

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This Redditor said, “An appetizer tour. Go to three or four different places, and get appetizers.”

Meteor Showers

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A user offered, This only works a few nights a year, but drive out of the city and watch a meteor shower. Rent a convertible, and bring wine and cheese.”


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This Redditor said, “Find and watch a random amateur league softball game. They’re usually more entertaining than major league baseball and free.”

Improv Shows

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A user recalled, “My husband took me to an improv show once. Completely out of the ordinary and so much fun. Still one of the best dates we have ever had.”


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A Redditor shared, “Take her to a bookstore and have each of you buy a book under 100 pages.  Then swap each other’s books and read them within 2 weeks. After each of you has read the books, take her to an amusement park and state that you guys will discuss the books….but only on rides (roller coasters are the best). It’s a cool way to be fun, smart, and spontaneous.”

Haunted Houses

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This Redditor proclaimed, “If it’s fall or October, go to a haunted house. Even if it is your only date, you still get a girl hanging on you for part of the night.”

Entertainment Centers

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “Going to some entertainment complex, where you can choose what to do right there, from bowling to cinema, restaurants, live music.”
Whether you take your date to a haunt house, arcade, or amusement park, these fun date night ideas are sure to be enjoyable.

Source: Reddit

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