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15 Legendary TV Girlfriends That Will Always Have Your Heart As Long As You Live

Television has introduced us to a treasure trove of remarkable relationships. If we were to sculpt a Mount Rushmore for the best TV girlfriends and wives, who would make the cut? Join us as we celebrate these fictional companions who’ve woven themselves into our hearts and the fabric of pop culture history.


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To start, a user replied, “She’s so hot..and smart and literally perfect.”

Another user added, “She is and always will be my hair goals.”

Kim Wexler

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One person said, “Kim Wexler, you will always be famous.”

Another person added, “The definition of ride or die. Rhea Seehorn is amazing.”

Gloria Pritchett


A popular comment was, “​​Gloria all day, she’s the only one in the list with “Firing Squad” on her resume. She’s ride or die and ain’t afraid to get her hands dirty.”

Another comment was, “I love Gloria. It was so refreshing to see an adult May/December relationship on tv that wasn’t portrayed as “creepy” and where the couple does deeply love each other. That never happens.”

Trudy “Hell’s Bells” Campbell

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One user said, “Trudy was solid gold in every way. Pete hit the jackpot with her and didn’t even know it.”

Linda From Bob’s Burgers

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A reply was, “Linda is ride or die. Remember when Bob told her he’s going to kill Teddy, and she started planning them being on the run.”

Clair Huxtable

Phylicia Rashad Image Credit Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

One comment was, “How is Clair Huxtable missing from this list???!!!”

Another comment added, “She was the best. But I think the controversy surrounding her and Bill Cosby has taken its toll on the legacy of this show. It’s heartbreaking because Clair was the GOAT when it came to TV moms. Beautiful, smart, and successful while being so warm and nurturing. I loved her.”

Moira Rose 

Catherine OHara
Catherine O’Hara Image Credit Depositphotos s_bukley

One person said, “Moira Rose, no matter how awful their life was. She was ride or die.” 

Another person replied, “The Roses were something, but Moira was definitely a great wife, even with her weirdness.”  

Cuddy From House 

Lisa Edelstein
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A user replied, “I’ll never forgive the writers for what they did to House and Cuddy 💔.”

Another user added, “Honestly, she deserved so much better even if I love them (and they were ruined). The unconditional love she gave him for years ..and no one credits her for it. I could write a whole thesis on it. I will die on this hill.“


Lois Kaczmarek
Lois Kaczmarek Image Credit Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

A popular comment was, “Lois (Malcolm in the middle) put up with so much bad treatment!!!”

Another comment was. “She probably was and is the realistic and best mom on tv.”

Jill Taylor

Patricia Richardson
Patricia Richardson Image Credit Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

Someone suggested, “Jill Taylor from Home Improvement!!!!!!’

Someone else added, “Lol, I was looking for Jill! That woman deserves sainthood.”

Tammy Taylor

Connie Britton
Connie Britton Image Credit Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

One user simply said, “Tammy Taylor, Friday Night Lights.”

Another user added, “Mrs. Taylor from Friday Night Lights should definitely be up there.” 

Cece Parekh

Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone Image Credit Depositphotos s_bukley

A comment was, “Cece was there whenever you needed her, whether you were her boyfriend or her friend.”

A second comment was, “Cece loved Schmidt no matter how weird or crazy that man was.”

Chili From Bluey

Image Credit Shutterstock yamhari photography

A popular comment was, “Chilli from Bluey, DUH!”

Another comment was, “Chili may be a dog, but she absolutely is a great mom and wife. This show is just amazing.” 

V from Shameless 

Shanola Hampton
Shanola Hampton Imagine Credit Depositphotos Jean_Nelson

One person shared, “V from Shameless is a real ride or die.”

Another person replied. “V would literally murder someone and bury the body for her husband or any of those Shameless kids.” 

Kitty Forman

Debra Jo Rupp
Debra Jo Rupp Image Credit Depositphotos s_bukley

Finally, a user replied, “Yes, Kitty has my vote! Not only was she a great Mom to her own kids, but she took in Hyde as well. And she put up with Red, haha.” Source: Reddit

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