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Exploring 15 Reactions To What People Experienced Running Into An Ex

When unexpectedly running into an ex, people’s reactions can vary widely depending on the circumstances and the nature of their past relationship. Some individuals might feel a surge of emotions, ranging from surprise and nostalgia to anger or sadness. Their initial reaction could be a mix of hesitation, curiosity, and uncertainty. They might find themselves evaluating how they feel at that moment and assessing whether they are ready to engage in a conversation or prefer to keep their distance. For some, bumping into an ex can trigger a desire to reconnect and find closure, while others might prefer to avoid any interaction altogether. 

Nothing At All

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One commenter added, “Nothing. Let’s just ignore each other and move on. No sense in rehashing the past or even looking to return to that place mentally.”

Depends On Which One

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A second commenter shared, “Depends on which one. I might say hi, give hugs, ask how the kids are, and when we’re grabbing a coffee next. Or I might awkwardly smile, nod, and generally want to get away but not cause a scene. Lastly, I’d f****cking RUN!”


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A third commenter said, “I would be awkward but try to mask it by being really friendly. I’m sure we would walk away wishing we never ran into each other.”

Avoid Eye Contact

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Someone shared, “Try to avoid eye contact as much as possible while hoping he won’t recognize me lol. I’d also wonder how many girls he has now.”

She’s Out?

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A person said, “Shoot a quick side eye while wondering how they let her out of the psych ward!”

Ask Her About Her Life

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A top-liked comment said, “Give her a warm hug, congratulate her on crushing all her personal and career dreams, including working for and living abroad for the US State Department. Tell her she’s extraordinarily fortunate her posting in Ukraine ended before the war started. I’d apologize that her first marriage didn’t work out but congratulate her on finding true happiness with her current husband. I’d also ask her how’s life is living in Europe with her husband and puppy.”

Run Like The Wind

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This user added, “Apologize for being an angsty/moody d****ck the short time we were together. But then I’d run like heck after remembering she’s a Pure Romance.”

A Warm Hug

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A poster mentioned, “Give her a warm hug, offer my condolences for the loss of her mother, and also my congratulations on her recent marriage. I’d apologize for giving her the runaround and not taking things as seriously as I should’ve.”


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This person shared, “I’d ask her how’s life in Florida and congratulate her on her marriage. Tell her that I wish we could’ve taken things to the next level and that the few months we were a thing were some of the best and most passionate months of my life.”

Ask About Her

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Someone added, “Ask her if she’s still in the habit of stopping her birth control without informing her boyfriend. Ask her if she’s still mentally and physically abusive to her boyfriends. And finally, ask her if she still doubles down on being the victim even when there’s verifiable proof that she’s, in fact, the perpetrator.”

Wouldn’t Care

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One user stated, “I just wouldn’t care, really. She had chosen to be the cheater, not me. I actually may say thank you to her for destroying this relationship. As a result, it made me safe long term.”


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This commenter shared, “I guess it would be some kind of confused look, a deep stare in the eyes with a head nodding from disappointment, no words, though.


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A poster commented, “It was so long ago I’m not sure I would recognize them or they would recognize me.

Happy Encounter

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A user said, “Most of them, I’d be happy to see, and I’d be curious how their lives turned out.”

A Good Reminder

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Finally, a user shared, “My ex-wife, I’d remind her that I keep renewing the restraining order every 12 months for a reason.”

Source: Reddit

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