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Ready, Set, Impress! Men and Women Share 15 Experiences of Making an Impression on the Person They Like 

The importance of first impressions cannot be overstated, as they can shape our relationships and opportunities. Whether it’s trying to impress a crush or making a lasting impact, a well-crafted first impression can lead to success. However, we’ve all had experiences where our initial impression didn’t go as planned, leaving a lasting memory that we can’t forget or live down.


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One female user recalled, “My senior year of high school, I told one of my best friends, who was also this sweet, beautiful, very in shape, football-playing boy, to throw the football as high as he possibly could, and I would catch it. (You know, to impress him and make him realize I was the girl of his dreams…) He threw it. High. I did not catch it. I did fracture my pointer finger when it bounced off my hands, though. I had to wear a finger cast to school for a few weeks and attend physical therapy. He felt terrible. I felt like an idiot. Good times.”

Great Gatsby

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A second female user shared, “This past year, I threw a fairly large college house party just so the guy I liked could attend. I didn’t want to show him too much favoritism, so I tried to run around and talk to everyone as I was the main host. Luckily my best friend kept him company and acted as my faithful wing woman. The night ended with me and my crush talking outside, getting closer and closer.. until he asked me if I threw the party for him. Even being drunk didn’t soften the blow of straight awkwardness.”

Blurred Lines

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A male user stated, “I liked a girl with glasses and didn’t want her to feel like an outcast, so I would go home from school every day and stare right into a lightbulb to try to damage my eyes so that I would need glasses too.”


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This male poster said, “I signed up for a French class in high school because a girl I liked was in one. It turned out she was into me too, but my dumba** signed up for French 1 after she had already taken it and was in French 2 now. I sat alone all year in a French 1 class I didn’t care about.”

Lying Gets You Nowhere

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A female commenter shared, “I lied and said I had experience in journalism (because I didn’t think we’d have anything except a brief encounter) when I’d actually only taken one class in college. On our first date, he took me to report on a local clash between police and citizens. I got tear-gassed and robbed.”


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A male user divulged, “The girl I liked was into athletic guys, so one day in P.E. class, I got up from the bleachers to play dodgeball and tried to pull my sweatpants off while yelling “LET’S DO THIS!” Ended up yanking off everything, boxers and all.”

Driven To Madness

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A male commented, “I was the first high schooler she knew with a license. I drove us to hang out with friends of hers. Mostly guy friends. It turned out she was trying to date one of them.”

Stretching The Truth

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One male user added, “I was dating a gymnast in high school. We go to a park, and I see parallel bars designed for stretching, but I’m convinced I can do a handstand on them because I’m awesome. She insisted they were too far apart, but I didn’t listen. Attempt said handstand, they were indeed too far apart, so I collapsed down, jamming my chest past my hands and straining/tearing all the ligaments holding my chest muscles to my breastbone. Good times were not had later or for a long while after.”

More Than He Could Chew

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This male poster shared, “I tried to jump through a swing. I was young, dumb, and trying to impress a girl. The plan was to go headfirst through, do a summersault on the other side, and look cool. I smoked my face on the wooden seat.”

Smoking Cool

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A male commenter posted, “When I was a teen, I took Tae Kwon Do classes, and there were 2 beautiful girls around my age. They liked to go and have a smoke behind the mall before class, and I wanted to be cool and impress them, so I took up smoking too. One of the girls came to class early, so I went and smoked with her. The second girl came in and wanted to have a smoke, so I went and had another one with her. When we returned, we started doing our warm-up laps, I felt very queasy, and I had to throw up, so I ran outside, right next to the Dairy Queen. I threw up all over the glass wall where the cashiers and several people eating looked on in horror.”

Flipping For Her

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One male user said, “A group of us and the girl I liked were hanging out one day. I did a backflip from a tree about 5 ft up. Landed it, but the ground was slippery, and I used my hands to catch myself. I fell backward and broke my wrist.”

Burned His Chance

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A top-liked comment said, “If you put a strike anywhere match into a straw and blowdart it onto the sidewalk, it makes a pop and lights where it hits, so I fired them all around my crushes feet, it scared her, and my plan failed.”

It’s A Jeep Thing

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A male user added, “My sister was driving me back to college after Thanksgiving break, and there was this cool girl who drove a yellow Jeep Wrangler who I had some classes with. On the road getting closer to the school, I saw a yellow Jeep coming up next to us in the left lane. Of course, I thought, it had to be her! I was in the passenger seat and decided it would be a great idea to open the sunroof, stick my head out, and say hello. Mind you, we’re going about 60mph, and I wear glasses.  I opened the sunroof, stuck my head out, turned to face the upcoming car, and my glasses FLEW off my face. My sister and I spent the next 30 minutes wandering around the side of the highway (blind) to try and find my frames. To this day, I still don’t know if it was her driving that Jeep.”

Ended Up The Understudy

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This male poster shared, “This girl I liked was really into theater, so I tried out for an 8th-grade school musical because a buddy of mine dared me. I ended up getting the lead role. She ended up dating someone else. I spent the next four years of high school pretending I liked theatre. I just liked building stuff in the stage crew.”

The Color Of Affection

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Finally, a female user shared, “The guy I was seeing went on a vacation with his family for 2 weeks. He gave me a key to his place to feed his cat. While he was gone, I painted his bathroom. He thought it was weird but seemed mostly ok with it. However, it worked…he married me last October.”

Source: Reddit

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