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Flying Those Red Flags: Users Share Phrases & Sayings That People Use That Are Immediate Red Flags

Certain phrases can act as instant red flags to those who hear them, signaling potential issues in communication or character. These phrases can raise concerns, evoke discomfort, or convey underlying negative intentions.

Arguing For Entertainment

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One poster shared, “Just hung out with a girl last night that I thought might be a potential new friend, but she said she loves fighting with people and ticking them off. She said this in the context of another girl she was working with who was irritating her, so she was intentionally saying things to get to her.”

Abhorrent Behavior

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A second poster added, “People think I’m an a****hole because I tell it how it is/don’t hold back/speak my mind/am blunt….” Sooner or later, you’ll realize they’re just an a****hole.”

A Dysfunctional Family

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A third poster stated, “We are like a family here. Translation: I like to underpay my employees and meddle in their personal lives.”

Maybe You’re The Problem

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This user said, “All my exes are crazy!” While I’m sure some people are very unlucky in romance, most of the time, it just means the person takes no accountability for the failings of their relationships.”

The Common Denominator

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One person recalled, “The last guy I talked to on eHarmony told me every woman he’s ever been with cheated on him. Every woman?”


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This user added, “Either you trust me, or you don’t.” It’s a bulls***t statement. All trust is NOT the same: there are many kinds and levels of trust, and trying to bootstrap from one to the other with some flimsy guilt trip is dishonest.”

Pack Leader

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A top-liked comment said, “Anyone who says they’re “an alpha” or “being an alpha” is just an incel. The wolf theories were wrong. Humans don’t behave that way, either. It’s all just overly aggressive pricks trying to justify their tantrums and reliance on abusive behavior to navigate life.”

Being A Diva

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One user commented, “When someone says, “I have no filter”….nope, you’re just rude. Or “I’m a diva”.…nope, you’re just self-centered. Call yourself what you are.”


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A commenter posted, ‘People who say, “I’m brutally honest.” “That’s just who I am.” Being honest doesn’t mean you need to be a tw*t.”


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One poster shared, “The phrase “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best” Translation: I will be a d****ck to people because I’m entitled.”

Picks Fights

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A user recalled, “I “dated” this toxic loser for only two weeks because there were too many red flags. But he straight up told me, “When I’m bored, I start fights with the person I’m dating.” Nope. I ain’t got time for that.”


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A top-liked comment said, “When someone self-describes as an empath, every time someone says that, they later turn out to be anything but. Real empaths don’t go around advertising.”

A Princess

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This user added, “When a woman says, “I’m a princess.” It usually means I’m selfish, entitled, never content, and my parents/dad have always given me everything I want.”

Not Meant To Be Rude

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This person stated, “I feel like people saying, “I don’t mean to be rude,” isn’t always a bad thing. However, it is almost exclusively a saying that most a****holes use now.

Are They?

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This poster commented, “I’m a nice guy/girl,”… Meaning they’re a d****ck, but they’ll put on a show only to try and get what they want, but when they don’t get it, their true colors comes out.”

Aggressive Behavior

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One user posted, “Anything like “When people have a problem with me, it doesn’t end pretty!” Any of that agro sh****t people say to make themselves sound tough really makes them seem irrational and difficult to be around.”

Mama Bears

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A commenter shared, “Ugh, when mothers say, “I’m a mama bear when it comes to my kids,” usually nine times out of ten, they’re the worst moms I’ve ever met.”

Your Truth VS. Actual Truth

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m just speaking my truth.” Yes, YOUR truth. That is not THE truth. There are always two sides, and people that talk about their truth are usually manipulators.”

A Poor Excuse

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This poster recalled, “Boys will be boys” I spent a number of years as the director of admissions for a boarding school. Whenever a parent used this phrase, I knew it was imperative to dig deep. I found a whole lot of sh****t.”

Two-Way Street

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Finally, “They disrespected me.” Anyone who talks about being respected when respect isn’t really the issue with what’s happening is probably a narcissist. Think of someone who gets told they can’t do something in a restaurant, then won’t let that go, and complains about being disrespected, and that’s why they are so mad about being reasonably restricted. Source: Reddit

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