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Forbidden Love in the Cubicle: 15 Things to Consider Before Falling In Love

If you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with a co-worker, you should carefully consider a few things before starting that relationship. These considerations include the potential impact on your professional life, the importance of maintaining workplace professionalism, potential conflicts of interest, open and effective communication, privacy concerns, and the possible influence on social dynamics. It’s important to weigh the implications for career goals, how to handle office gossip, strategies for conflict resolution, the necessity of respecting boundaries, and a plan if you and your partner decide to break up. 

Company Policies

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Ensure you fully understand the consequences of violating these policies, ranging from reprimands to termination. Additionally, consider seeking HR’s guidance on navigating workplace relationships within the bounds of these policies.


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Remember that professionalism also extends to your digital presence, so be cautious about online interactions with your coworkers. Maintain a professional tone and demeanor in all written communications, whether through email, chat, or social media.

Potential Conflicts

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Seek advice from HR or a supervisor on managing conflicts of interest professionally. Develop a clear strategy for addressing perceived conflicts and regularly reassess it to ensure it remains effective.

Open Communication

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Regularly check in on your relationship’s status and address any concerns promptly to prevent misunderstandings. Be open to constructive feedback from each other to strengthen your relationship’s communication.


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Safeguard your personal devices and conversations to maintain the privacy of your relationship. Use secure messaging apps for personal discussions to reduce the risk of unintentional exposure.

Social Circles

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Remember how your relationship affects your friendships with colleagues to maintain a harmonious work environment. Balance your social interactions with coworkers to avoid alienating friends or making them uncomfortable.

Career Goals

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Reevaluate your career goals periodically to ensure they align with your personal life choices. Discuss your aspirations with your partner and consider how you can support each other’s ambitions.

Office Gossip

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Practice discretion and, if necessary, address any gossip with a calm and composed demeanor. Communicate with colleagues when appropriate to clarify any misconceptions about your relationship.

Breakup Contingency

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Establish a plan for maintaining professionalism and minimal interaction if a breakup occurs. Ensure that this plan covers potential scenarios, including shared projects or responsibilities.

Conflict Resolution

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Seek mediation or counseling if you struggle to resolve conflicts effectively on your own. Explore resources within and outside the workplace to improve your conflict resolution skills.


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Be transparent about your relationship and avoid making decisions that could be perceived as biased. Consider seeking advice from a supervisor on handling situations where professional roles overlap.

Support System

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Lean on your friends and family for emotional support and guidance outside the workplace. Keep your personal and professional support networks separate to maintain balance.

Time Management

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Use time management techniques to ensure that your relationship and career receive the required attention. Prioritize tasks and set boundaries to prevent either aspect from overwhelming the other.

Respect for Boundaries 

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Communicate clearly about your boundaries and expectations to maintain a healthy balance. Regularly revisit these boundaries to ensure they continue to meet both your needs.

Legal Considerations

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Consult an attorney if needed, especially if your relationship could have legal implications such as conflicts of interest or harassment claims. Familiarize yourself with relevant laws and regulations that may apply to workplace relationships.

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